Tuxteco Regional Museum
on town square, open Tuesday to Sunday
home of both the largest and smallest Olmec heads ever found.
Visit the Museum.
Tres Zapotes Museum and Archaeological Site
30 minutes from Santiago
open Tuesday to Sunday
Visit the Museum.
Santiago Tuxtla is one of the most historic towns in Mexico. Located about 80 miles north of Veracruz City, the city is
also the visually most attractive city in Los Tuxtlas. The city (population 15000+) nestles against the northern flanks of
the extinct volcano El Vigia and its siblings and provides spectacular views from the passing highway.

Many of the city's historic buildings are preserved and its many narrow winding streets criss crossing the Tepango
River remind visitors of better known places like Taxco.

Los Tuxtlas inhabitants acknowledge Santiago Tuxtla to be its cultural capital which is reinforced by the many festivals
scheduled throughout the year ranging from jarocho music, the dance of the Liseres (masked dancers), culinary
events and poetry recitals.

Supposedly founded by the Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortes, the city dominated Los Tuxtlas for 200 years but has
reverted to be a charming, quaint and sleepy provincial town. Things may be changing, a bank and chain restaurant
recently arrived.

Economically the same named municipio (county) depends on cattle ranching and agriculture. Its inhabitants are very
Only a small part of the county's northern extension are part of the Los Tuxtlas Biosphere.

Touristically several excellent hotels cater to visitors. One has a spectacular view from its 5 story roof top. Food
service is limited, unless market stalls are included. The main attraction is the city museum and park, featuring the
largest Olmec head ever found. Half an hour away are the remnants of  the BC civilzation of the Olmecs at Tres

Best time to visit is during its annual fair to honor its patron saint around July 25, although within the last few years the
city is also trying to spirit to First Friday in March Brujo festival away from Catemaco.
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Santiago Tuxtla
Santiago Tuxtla, Veracruz
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