on the Laguna
Laguna Catemaco in southern Veracruz is a lake formed when eruptions closed a valley between 2 major volcanoes. The
lake is heavily fished and provides a livelihood for more than 1000 fishermen. The most popular catch is "pepescas", about
the size of a big fat guppy.

The laguna is mostly fed by streams along its eastern shore arising from the Sierra Santa Marta. Its only dammed outlet is the
Rio Grande de Catemaco.

The laguna is vaguely round with a circumference of 31 miles. It is generally shallow, averaging less than 25 feet, with some
deep spots topping 70 feet.

Tourism is mostly congregated along the Malecon of the city of Catemaco, featuring more than 100 boats scurrying across
the lake to see monkeys. There are 6 hotels directly on the lake, plus an ecotouristic installation at Las Margaritas.

Because of its geologic isolation, the laguna waters harbor many endemic species, among them the so called "Catemaco
Molly", a favorite among aquarium enthusiasts.
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Isla Agaltepec
A pre-Cortes place of worship now recycled as a howler monkey reserve.
Name comes Pipil  and Nahuatl: "Canoe Hill", also know as crocodile island because of its shape,
not open to the public.
Read more about  Isla Agaltepec
Hotel and somewhat of a yoga theme park, 11 miles from Catemaco.
In Sanscrit name means "supreme peace"
Services:  rooms, cabañas, pool, intermittent restaurant, temazcal, yoga instructions
Visit the Prashanti website
Nanciyaga - 50 pesos
Description: private nature reserve, theme park and hotel,  5 miles north of Catemaco
Name: Nahuatl, "place of the nance trees" (sort of like yellow cherries)
Access: Catemaco - Coyame highway, then 1/2 mile of dirtroad, 5 miles north of Catemaco
Visit Nanciyaga
La Jungla - 50 pesos
Description: daytime resort, campground, next to Nanciyaga.
Name: Spanish "the jungle"
Services: campground, pools, toboggan, intermittent restaurant. No more info!
Flor de Catemaco
Foliage grower on 400 acres, 5.4  miles north of Catemaco, name means "flower of Catemaco"
Founded in 1989 by gringos, exports almost all of its products
Sponsors educational tours but 8,7 km northeast of Catemaco, generally not open to the public.
El Teterete
Daytime resort mostly on weekends, also offers hostel rooms and limited camping.
6+ miles from Catemaco in Pozolapan.
In English the name means "striped basilisk" also know as the Jesus lizard because it walks on water.
Visit El Teterete.
Rancho Bahia Escondida
Daytime resort, campground, and limited hotel service, 7 miles from Catemaco in Pozolapan
Name: means "hidden bay ranch", caters primarily to backpackers
Visit Bahia Escondida.
Monkey Islands
Left over monkeys from an abandoned research project are Catemaco's second most popular attraction.
Read more about a trip to the monkey islands
Mártires de Río Blanco
Resort for a Mexican government welfare agency (DIF)
Name stands for "Martyrs of the Rio Blanco" (Victims of suppressd strike in 1907)
In Tebanca: 9.5 miles northeast of Catemaco
Arroyo Agrio
Spring water bottler, 3.5 miles north of Catemaco. Name means in Spanish, "bitter water creek",
Supposed archaeological site from Teotihuacan epoch 300 - 800AD
Stop by for a visit and get a taste of slightly bitter water
Coyame Mineral Water
iMineral water bottler, 7+ miles northeast of Catemaco
Taste the water from a spigot by the road, or visit the plant. Now closed.
Waterfall and swimming hole, 7.9 miles northeast of Catemaco
Name: Nahuatl, enchanted river
out of water much of the year
north shore of  the Laguna
northeast  shore of  the Laguna
southeast of  the Laguna
Las Margaritas
Community Ecotourism Complex, 13 miles from Catemaco.
Features archaeological ruins and sculptures, bat cave, small waterfall,
Offers rooms, una cabaña, restaurant on demand, boat rental, guides
Visit  Las Margaritas
Punta Tepeyaga
Name of the pueblo means  "the future and the Punta means "tip of the nose".
Nearby pre-hispanic monoliths, and unmarked hiking trail to Las Margaritas.
More details mañana.
Laguna Catemaco
Catemaco, Veracruz