It takes 365 days a year to get to know Catemaco & Los Tuxtlas
To find out what to do in Catemaco "cuando calienta el sol"
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Tourism facilities are primarily located in the cities of Catemaco, San Andrés Tuxtla and Santiago Tuxtla. The
coastal and highland areas are just beginning to exit the touristic stone age.
Places to Visit
Breath-taking water falls, hidden lagoons and solitary beaches will occupy the
days of your visit. More butterflies live here than in the rest of North America.
What to do
Most visitors take a boat ride to see monkeys on the islands of the Catemaco
lake. Nanciyaga, the "ecotouristic" mini theme park with crocodiles, shamans and
mud baths is the area's best known attraction.
Where to stay
In Catemaco most of the year,  the few better hotels charge more than 1000
pesos double. Others range from 200 pesos on up. In the hills are various
communal ecotourism enterprises that cater mainly to groups.
Where to eat
Had any good fresh water snails lately?
Catemaco´s many restaurants and the Los Tuxtlas Gulf beach
palapas will
satisfy your taste for seafood in myriad ways. There are dozens of restaurants.
Touristic Areas
There are 9 or more distinct areas to visit and spend a day or two. Here is the
catalog of more than 200 places.
When and how to get here. Costs, maps, weather, directories and more.