in the hills above the eastern shore of Laguna Catemaco
El Apompal Ecotourism
Miguel Hidalgo
in the foothills of the Sierra Santa Marta,
1 1/2 hours northeast of Catemaco.
Several nearby waterfalls and a pretty lake will tempt you to stay in communal cabins.
Visit El Apompal
Selva del Marinero Ecotourism
Lopez Mateos - 1 hour from Catemaco
On the shores of the Rio Coxcoapan and the slopes of Sailor's mountain at the northern edge of the Sierra Santa Marta
Catemaco's first ecotouristic community invites you to its nature trails, a bat cave, waterfall and rivers.
Visit La Selva
Benito Juarez Ecotourism
above east shore of Laguna Catemaco, near Las Margaritas
The only pool at an ecotourism site.
Great views, trails, waterfall and bat caves, best seen with a guide.
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Rancho Flores
below Cola de Caballo
A working ranch along a river, with access to attractive waterfalls, while staying in camp sites
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Cola de Caballo
near Miguel Hidalgo, best visited with a guide from Miguel Hidalgo
Horsetail Waterfall in English.
Visit Cola de Caballo.
Poza Reyna and Velo de Novia
on way to Miguel Hidalgo,
Breathtaking waterfall, cascades and swimming holes
Poza Azul
on way to Miguel Hidalgo,
cascades, swimming holes, a hanging bridge and river walk
Lago Apompal
above Miguel Hidalgo,
Apompal is a fruit tree. Lake shore nature trail, best walked with a guide.
Cascadas Cristal
before Lopez Mateos
A working ranch along a cristalline stream in the jungle with 3 small waterfalls and swimming holes.
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The hills of Catemaco, Veracruz (call them mountains, if you like) are mostly an overlooked and ignored treasure
Although the hills are part of the Biosphere Reserve of Los Tuxtlas, including its nucleus, property is mostly in
private or community hands. Trail walking requires a paid for guide along unmarked trails.

In one sense, the situation is fortunate, because even during the busiest tourist season, most of these marvels
are visited by only a lucky few.

In the late 1990's out of town promoters encouraged community ecotourism installations around Catemaco. Private
ranch owners have followed suit.
other hills
La Selva Orchidarium
Km 165 on highway to Acayucan, 20 minutes from Catemaco.
Los Tuxtlas are a paradise for orchid hunters and thieves. Most orchids are now protected
species. This remarkable orchidarium presents one of the better aspects of local culture.
Visit the Orchidarium
Cerro Pipiapan
Off Catemaco - Sontecomapan highway, 20 minutes from Catemaco.
400 more or less flat natural rock steps will give your heart a workout to possibly some great
views of 2 great lagunas, both at the same time.
Visit Cerro Pipiapan
University of Veracruz research facility for monkeys, on the slopes of Cerro Pipiapan, near Nanciyaga.
5 miles from Catemaco. Entrance by invitation only, unless you are a monkey.
Visit the Park.
Hills of Catemaco
Catemaco, Veracruz
La Otra Opción
La Otra Opción
A private ecological reserve and breeding farm.
Above Miguel Hidalgo, 35 km from Catemaco., accessible by horse or heavy duty 4x4
Visit La Otra Opción.