La Punta
The first inhabitants of Catemaco lived here. A remarkably beautiful trail along the shore at the north end of the Malecon.
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El Tegal
They say the Virgin Mary left her footsteps here, and her supposedly miraculous statue is worshipped in an adjoining
cave on the lake shore. A restaurant is at the entrance which is a 15 minute walk north of the center of Catemaco
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Gifts Shops
Dozen of tiny stores, and one big one sell anything from amulets and coconut heads to plastic Jesuses.
The Central Market
Catemaco's version of a supermarket attracts hundreds of daily shoppers.
Playa La Isla & Playa Espagoya
2 popular swimming beaches, north of the city.
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El Parque
The central plaza is the heart of the city.
Rio Grande de Catemaco
Laguna Catemaco's drainpipe to the Gulf of Mexico
south and west of the city
See a slideshow of the Rio Grande.
Monuments and Statues
Numerous statues and monuments grace the Catemaco streets.
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The Ayuntamiento
The city hall of Catemaco, also has a tourist office.
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El Cerrito
Catemaco's most prominent landmark and alleged to be an old pyramid.
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Basilica de la Virgen del Carmen
Catemaco's most visited site.
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west of the carretera
Presa Tepetapan
Former waterfall converted into dam for hydroelectric plant further down river. Good place to watch birds.
Visit the Presa.
El Malecón
The center of most Catemaco tourism, about a mile long, is potentially one of the most attractive boardwalks in See
a video from two years ago.
Brujos of Catemaco
World famous witches inhabit the city. So of course, they have their own page.
Read more about brujos.
The city of 26,000 +/-  occupies almost 2 miles along the shores of Laguna Catemaco from the edge of the  Río
Grande to a beach area called Playa Espagoya, and reaches inland to the slopes of the volcanic hills Mono Blanco
and Nixtamalapan.

was "founded" in 1714. Development of the city followed construction of the Veracruz coastal highway in the
1950's, and population has since exploded more than 500 per cent.

Cattle are the same named municipio's (county) primary business, followed by agriculture and then tourism. There is
no official count, but I guess almost 200 brujos and curanderos practice various forms of witchcraft and herbal

Economically, despite being blessed by a cornucopia of fertile soil, abundant rain, good fishing, extraordinary
attractiveness and a solid tourist business, most of the inhabitants, excluding politicians, are dirt poor and subsist on
welfare and less than 10 US bucks per day.

Tourism is served by 27 hotels in the city which attract mostly Mexican tourists during peak spring and summer
seasons and long weekends. The main attraction is the Basilica del Carmen which draws thousands of bus loads of
day tripping worshippers of a supposedly miraculous statue of the Virgin Mary.

Gringo presence is minimal with maybe a dozen year round residents.
For hotel and restaurant information, please see:  Catemaco Hotels.
For more in depth information, please see:  Municipio of Catemaco.
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Casa de Los Tesoros
converted itself into the social center for newcomers.
Visit the Casa "Lost".
El Embarcadero
Located in the middle of the Malecón, it is the only boat dock to join cruises to visit the Laguna.
But there are at least six other places on the shore where you can hop on a boat.
Take a boat tour.
in the center of the city
a short walk west of the city
Catemaco Cemetery
Lovely to look at during the Days of the Dead,
Visit the Cemetery.
The City of Catemaco
Catemaco, Veracruz
Balneario Los Chaneques
River fed pools and sometimes food service, and sometimes closed.
2.3 miles from the city, above Adventist complex.
Adventist Retreat
Pool, rooms and campground for visiting Adventists. Others have to pray to get in.
1.9 miles south of the city, on the highway.
Balneario Cortijo Sobrevals
Pools and restaurant, closed occasionally.
above Laguna Amaloapan, 1.5 miles
Visit el Cortijo.
Matacalcintla area
Balneario and river pools, Nahuatl "place below 10 houses"
2 miles northwest of the city on main highway, then downhill on a really bad road.
Visit Matacalcintla.
Villa del Carmen
Former hotel converted into catholic retreat and convention center. Great views of the city.
3/4 mile south of the city
Visit the Villa.
south of the city
east of the city
Laguna Amaloapan
Small crater lake, Nahuatl "waters of the axmol flower" (night blooming morning glory).
If they would cut the bushes, you could see it from the road.  1.3 miles east of the city, past hospital
Crater lake, crocodile haven, Nahuatl "place of the nixtamal" (partially cooked maize).
Access to the lake is reserved for mountain goats. 1 mile northeast of the city
north of the city
Playa Azul
A hotel dating from the 1950's with an attractive park, great for birdwatching, temazcal service and a walk to the
1.7 miles from  Catemaco
El Huerto Ecoclub
A sailing club and full fledged deluxe hotel, generally not open to the public.
2 miles from the city
See more description in Hotels for Groups
Crater lake, crocodile haven, Nahuatl "place of the nixtamal" (partially cooked maize).
Access to the lake is reserved for mountain goats. 1 mile northeast of the city