La Magdalena
Type: village, colonia
Location: Sierra Santa Marta foothills
Population: 617 (2005), Altitude: 780m
Economic Activity: agriculture, cattle

Note: La Magdalena was one of the first and major deforestation schemes in Los Tuxtlas. In the 1960's the Mexican
government provided land grants to impoverished peasants mostly from Puebla, who arrived and converted the
jungle into pastures and maize fields. Soon they were followed by thousands of others to numerous other locales in
Los Tuxtlas. At present the area is a hilly wasteland barely supporting straggling cattle.

The town is the crossing points for the roads to Soteapan, Catemaco and Highway 180 via Barossa.
Santa Martha
Type: village - ejido
Location:  slopes of Volcano Santa Marta
Population: 305 (20050), Altitude:  1200m
History: settled by Soteapan inhabitants in the 1960's, mostly Popolucas
Economic Activity: agriculture, cattle, clandestine logging, illegal song birds.
Access: paved from Catemaco to Soteapan via Mex 180, then dirt road via San Fernando, total 68 miles
Tourism: trail to the volcano's upper reaches.

The previously passable road from Soteapan to Tebanca, Catemaco has been blocked by the Biosphere.
The road from Soteapan to Santa Martha is only safe for 4x4's in the rainy season. Village inhabitants
are inhospitable towards visitors.
San Pedro Soteapan
Type: town, ejido, county seat
Location: Volcano Santa Marta foothills
Population: 4237 (2005), Altitude:  420m,
History: formed in 1823
Economic Activity: commerce
Access: paved road from near Acayucan
Tourism:  hotel, restaurants
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