500-1000 +/- Large Teotihuacan related  settlements near Matacapan & Belzoapan, suburbs of San
Andrés city.

1529 - Hernan Cortes is awarded the area as part of the Marquesado del Valle de Oaxaca.
1530 - San Martin Tuxtla Volcano erupts. (disputed)
1530 - Tzacoalco (forerunner of San Andres) is founded (disputed) by natives from the nearby
community of Ixtlan fleeing volcanic eruptions.
1580 - Tzacaoalco is mentioned as San Andrés Tzacoalco by the mayor of Tlacotalpan.
1650 ?The name of the city is now officially San Andrés Tuxtla
1664 - Volcanic eruption evacuates many Santiago Tuxtla residents to San Andrés.

1718 - San Andres becomes a pueblo
1793 - San Martin Tuxtla Volcano erupts.

1826 - San Andres Tuxtla secedes from Santiago Tuxtla and forms its own Canton (now
1830 - The city of San Andres Tuxtla is declared  
villa (town).
1833 - Cholera epidemic decimates the city.
1882 - Telegraph service initiated
1893 - San Andres Tuxtla is named
ciudad (city).

1916  -City hall is burned during revolutionary upheavals and all archives detroyed.
1913 - First railroad train arrives in San Andres Tuxtla.
1932 - Municipio is renamed Los Tuxtlas.
1938 - Municipio is renamed San Andres Tuxtla.
1953 - The carretera federal is paved.
1979 - San Martin Tuxtla Volcano is declared a national reserve.
1992 - Last railroad train leaves San Andres Tuxtla.
1998 - The Reserva de la Biosfera Los Tuxtlas is created.
2005 - First modern department store opens in San Andrés city (Soriana).
San Andrés Tuxtla
Veracruz, Mexico