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It got a little windy October 4, 2005. Hurricane Stan skimmed Catemaco after making landfall near Roca
Partida, about 40 miles away,  with class 1 windspeeds (85 mph) and torrential rains & gusty winds.

After having weathered some major hurricanes and typhoons in my former habitats, I dubbed this one a

The storm did some long overdue housekeeping, while converting Los Tuxtlas again into an island,
destroying or indundating all access to Los Tuxtlas from any direction.

Fortunately Catemaco was spared its full impact, and the local authorities assisted by many helpful hands,
quickly cleaned up the mess. Some of the rural areas both east and west of here were not so lucky.
Reports of several deaths and hundreds of destroyed shacks and aftermaths of swollen rivers are making
the news.

The hurricane was exacerbated by the huge rains that are normal for this time of year´s rainy season.

Apparently the Montepio beach area was cleaned out by 15 foot  waves which probably means La
Barra´s dilapidated palapas are history, too.  There is some good in all bad things.

Personally, I had 2 of my workers spend a week, cleaning up my mess, including several good size trees,
while 4 incompetent technicians entertained me trying to reestablish a signal to my internet satellite dish.
Huracán Stan
Octubre 2005
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