Catemaco Recipes
Until a few decades ago, Catemaco was famous for its wild game and
other strange critter dishes. The last holdovers of  turtle and iguana
stews have all but disappeared publicly. On the surrounding ranches,
cowboys still feast on armadillos, raccoons and opossums. Deer and
wild pigs are mostly forgotten.

The only official remnant of those savory days is "
Carne de Chango",  
Monkey Meat, which has been reinvented with smoked pork to protect
the few remaining surviving monkeys.

Local housewives still prepare dishes you never see on restaurant

Casbela - squash stewed with pork ribs
Chocholos -  bean and corn flour balls boiled in soups
Mondongo - beef intestines and stomach linings boiled with lime and  
acuyo (the leaves used to wrap tamales)
Tortas de Yuca  - cassava, egg, butter, sugar and cinnamon prepared
like a pancake.

If you want to make your own monkey meat,
here is the carne de chango recipe:
Cut pork loin into strips, marinate in orange and lime juice (3 to 1), salt and
pepper for a few hours. Built a small enclosed wood fire, stoke it with
green wood, chunks of dried sugarcane and guava tree leaves until the
meat turns nice and red, usually a few hours.

And here is my favorite recipe:
Catch a few fish, gut them. Or buy them still wiggling at the
Sontecomapan fish farm. Chop some garlic. Heat  1/4 inch oil with garlic
in a frying pan. Fry the fish till golden brown. Towel off the grease. Salt
and pepper to taste. EAT with lots of lime juice.
major museum book shops
great Veracruz cook book