Restaurant Menus
1 1/2 Peso Tacos
Proveche! - that more or less translates to  "Enjoy your meal".

It is a courteous expression used by many diners in local restaurants when entering or leaving and
encountering sitting diners.

This menu selection does not necessarily represent the entire Catemaco cuisine,  just a few of the
more touristic places in Catemaco. There is no single outstanding restaurant in Catemaco, possibly
because of the heavy seasonality of the business.

The menu prices are in pesos which roughly translate to 13 to 1 in 2009.
As for tipping:
Wait staff expect gringos to throw their money around, so a 15% tip in a gringo frequented or upscale
restaurant is appropriate. One step down in quality  - stick to 10%. That is still considerably over what
most Mexicans leave, (often just the really small change). Consider your over tipping part of the
Gringo Mystique and a contribution to some people that really need it.

General advise:
If the menu says  "s.t." about a whole fish  - that´s ¨segun tamaño" -  according to size . Order
GRANDE - or you´ll get something aquarium size! If you don´t want hot - say so. Most food is prepared
fresh and the real hot ingredients can be left out. Be adventurous, try something you never heard of.

In most restaurants, except the ones without beer chairs, - stay away from fried fish filets. Although
they may taste good,  they are often mystery fish, paper thin, breaded, and deep fried with assorted
previous greasy flavors.
Note: menu prices are from 2009