Catemaco Restaurants
Dozens of restaurants and food shacks vie for attention throughout the city and most serve interchangeable
menus. Aside from that there are taco, torta and hot dog vendors, primarily in the evening.

The "best food" category is still open to speculation. Nicest places to sit are
La Casona in a dilapidated old
home below the cathedral and
Tropicana directly on the edge of the Laguna.
Lonchería Mingo
At 5 in the morning everything tastes good here, a dog leg up
from the plaza on Calle Cuauthemoc.
La Rioja - Plaza
excellent Spanish cuisine
every politician, gringo or wannabe winds up here.
La Casita
Many locals eat here, ask for directions, 3 blocks above plaza,
on Calle Matamoros
Fonda La Campesina - Mercado
The best 56 year old pink restaurant in Catemaco, specalizes in
rest rooms for dwarfs, back of central market.
Melmar - Plaza
Terrace of one of the oldest homes in Catemaco, attended by
the family of an ex mayor, below the cathedral.
La Casona - Plaza
Early 20th century home, luscious garden, view of the laguna.
What more do you want? Below cathedral.
La Ola - Malecon
Live mojarras (now eaten by lake otters), turtles and a crocodile.
This used to be Catemaco´s most famous restaurant and still has
the number of chairs to prove it.
La Julita
After a culinary writeup this became the best kitchen in
Catemaco for a while. One block above Malecon, below Plaza
La Finca - Carretera
Yummy in air conditioned turquoise! A few minutes walk south
of the city, crossing the southern bridge.
Consistent quality in all food served and a great laguna view
from upstairs.
Gorell - Espagoya
Hidden on Playa La Isla with turtle shells on the walls,
toucans in the corners, and fresh fish in the laguna.
Palapa Gorell - Malecon South
Famous for the longest menu, the loudest music, a laguna sand
floor and not much else.
IL Fiorentino - Malecon North
The only Italian restaurant in Catemaco serving Mexican style
6pm, Fri, Sat & Sun after 11am
Recommended: pizza, what else!
El Huapangero - Carretera
The closest thing to a Catemaco steak house. Wonderfully
stuffed platters of meats (
parilladas), chicken and rabbits.
Recommended: Parillada for 3.
Tropicana Restaurant - Malecon
Dangle your feet in the Laguna when the water is high, or
enjoy the best view on the shore.
El Sazon
Typical local food, surprisingly cheap, and the best Huevos
Motuleños in town.
Calle Melchor Ocampo, behind the church, 1 1/2 blocks up.
Casa de los Tesoros - Plaza
Green tea, apple pie a la mode, and the best brownies in Mexico,
if the owners feel up to it. A snack bar featuring Mezcal and
handcrafted Mexican treasures. Below cathedral. Free WIFI.
Playa Cristal - Malecon South
In a hotel, one of the second best restaurants in town,
featuring air conditioning, a wine list and a patio to ogle the