It takes forever to get to Catemaco and Los Tuxtlas in Veracruz, Mexico. So you might as well spend a
couple of days exploring the total opposite of the popular beach resorts.
This is our absolute
minimum must visit list, aside from meandering around the malecon.
Popular visitor spots around Catemaco
Salto de Eyipantla, San Andrés Tuxtla
9 miles from Catemaco, 8 pesos. 2 buses, 5 pesos each, taxi +/- 80 pesos.
It is not Niagara but still VERY impressive, especially the 244 steps to climb down to it.
Look for views of the waterfall in Mel Gibson's film, Apocalypto.
La Barra Water Taxi
13 miles from Catemaco, 50 pesos, pirata taxi 10 pesos.
Start at the dock of Sontecomapan and catch a water taxi to La Barra. Get a closeup of  mangroves and the wildlife hiding
here,  then stuff yourself with seafood after a swim or long walk along an empty beach.
Basilica de la Virgen del Carmen
Center of Catemaco, free admission.
This latest edition of the pride of Catemaco is less than 60 years old, but her history connects her to hermits
living on Mount Carmel, Israel before Christ. Go inside! The virgin does not bite!
4 miles from Catemaco, 50 pesos entrance, boat 80 pesos, pirata 10 pesos, taxi +/- 50 pesos.
World famous nature reserve and cinnamon roll bakery, featuring guided walks, shamans, mud
massages & crocodiles.
Tuxteco Museum, Santiago Tuxtla
17 miles from Catemaco, 34 pesos entrance, autobus ADO 18 pesos, taxi 120 pesos+/-
A little culture is good for you!
And you get a little head and a big head, too.