Off the beaten track around Catemaco
These are some of the lesser known wonders around Catemaco, offering
a variety of cheap thrills.

Aside from the
brujos, there are also angels in Catemaco. Try finding
them. Hint: Colonia Alegria
El Teterete Restaurant and Snake Pit
7 miles southeast of Catemaco, on the laguna, boat rental.
Orchid Farm La Selva
10 miles south of Catemaco, on highway.
400 steps to the top of Mount Pipiapan
8  km north of Catemaco.
Estación de Biológía Los Tuxtlas
20 miles northeast of Catemaco, preserved forest, research facility, library.
Cigar Factories
9 km north of Catemaco, center of main highway through San Andrés.
Maquina Vieja
an old cotton factory from the mid 1850's and a swimmable waterfall, uphill from San Andrés Tuxtla.
Itzpapalotl Gallery
great art, good coffee and all sorts of strange stuff in Sihuapan, between Catemaco & San Andrés.