Places to Visit
You will need at least 365 days per year to visit all the places of interest.
Popular Spots
This "MUST SEE" list of Catemaco includes all the
popular tourist haunts, such as Nanciyaga, Eyipantla,
etc. This list will never be complete without you.
Off the Beaten Track
Some ideas for those of adventurous spirit wanting
to find an idyllic snake farm or perhaps a hidden
mountain walk.
Man made pools abound in Los Tuxtlas, usually in
beautiful natural settings, and deliciously refreshing.
Gulf Coast Beaches
In Los Tuxtlas you will find some of the loneliest and
beautiful beaches along the Gulf coast.
Water holes
Los Tuxtlas are studded with magnificent lakes,
waterfalls and swimming holes
The Jungle
Rain forest, pine woods, swamps and cloud
enshrouded sanctuaries await visitors.
Thousands of people rush to Catemaco to visit
many of these unique establishments..