La Poza de Los Enanos
Spring of the Dwarfs in Sontecomapan.
Water Holes around Catemaco
Playa La Isla  (part of Playa Espagoya area)
A short walk northeast of downtown Catemaco.
Río Cuetzalapan
Near Tebanca, where your car is also always welcome.
Canseco Hydrology Station, Laguna Catemaco
The terrain of Los Tuxtlas looks like a crumpled sheet of paper. As a consequence, the rivers
have had to accommodate with hundreds of waterfalls and rapids crisscrossing the entire Sierra.
Tiny 3 foot rapids to roaring 200 foot drops are within easy reach of anywhere in the area.

Some volcanic eruptions blocked rivers and formed lakes, others left behind burnt out craters
which are now filled with water.

During the summer doldrums, any wet spot is a welcome relief in Los Tuxtlas. And fortunately,
within access of most roads, there are dozens of rivers, springs, lakes and waterfalls. Here is a
list of the more popular ones which have not  been listed in popular spots.

Don´t be shy! Hop in !
Poza Reyna (also Poza Reina)
near Miguel Hidalgo in the Sierra Santa Marta.
Jem Takxi
near Soteapan, 2 hours south of Catemaco.
Cola de Caballo
near Miguel Hidalgo, above Laguna Catemaco in the Sierra Santa Marta.
Laguna Encantada
near San Andrés Tuxtla, supposedly enchanted because the water level rises during the dry season.
Montepio Waterfalls
rent a horse and guide on the beach in Montepio to enjoy a dip a few miles inland.
between the Gulf of Mexico and Catemaco.