Catemaco has almost 12 miles of the Veracruz Gulf of Mexico beaches. Los Tuxtlas has almost 76
miles. Almost all is desolate territory with wide strands alternating with rocky cliffs and hidden
beaches. A few villages offer touristic services.
Beaches around Los Tuxtlas
Montepio - Dos de Abril
an abandoned hacienda and miles of beaches at the convergence of 2 rivers.
Roca Partida, Toro Prieto and Salinas
visit a pirate cave, fall off a cliff or enjoy some wide beaches.
La Barra de Sontecomapan
"the" Catemaco beach resort.
Playa Jicacal and Playa Escondida
The most beautiful beach on the gulf coast, plus 2 desolate hotels.
Peña Hermosa
a hard 4 hour drive from Catemaco,
turtle sanctuary, ecotouristic facilities.
The Beaches of Catemaco
The Beaches of  San Andrés Tuxtla
Arroyo de Lisa & Costa de Oro
eat some great seafood and swim in a river
The Beaches of  the Sierra Santa Marta