Laguna Catemaco is beautiful to look at, but unfortunately, because of heavy deforestation of its
watershed, the water is heavily sedimented and not very inviting to swim in.

Balnearios (public swimming pools) are the answer. Catemaco and vicinity has five available. Other
areas of Los Tuxtlas add dozens more.

They are great for people or bird watching, making a rest stop, catching a snack, or even a dip in the
pool.  Except during holidays, they are usually ghost towns.

Many hotel pools also offer their services to non-guests at around 50 pesos per visit.
Balnearios to cool down
El Cortijo Sobrevals
just north of Catemaco, past hospital, restaurant, great views
Las Pozas
off road to San Andres Tuxtla, near Rio Grande de Catemaco, spring fed.
near Rio Grande  de Catemaco, spring fed
Los Chaneques
south of Catemaco, 500 meters up from Adventist campground, may be closed!
Acuatica Sirenas
Fracc. Catemaco, Catemaco, in town public pool and restaurant, 30 pesos.
Catemaco Pools
take a look at some more swimming opportunities.