Los Tuxtlas biodiversity is rivaled by few other areas in Mexico. Nine forest vegetation types have been
identified, including deciduous forest, oak forest, mangrove, savannah, high evergreen forests, evergreen
lowland forests, mid-elevation semi-deciduous forest, pine forest and coastal vegetation. Because
of its wide ranges in elevation (from the coast to the 1700 meter volcanoes, Los Tuxtlas present a rare
environment where multiple forest types are contained in one fairly small region.

In general, the Neotropical flora of Las Tuxlas is specific to the Caribbean region and the Gulf of Mexico
Coastal Province. The region has approximately 2,700 species represented in 214 families

Los Tuxtlas flora present a high rate of endemism, with about 10% of the trees and dozens of plants being
considered endemic, plus many more species considered to be threatend or endangered species.
Of Los Tuxtlas 2,700 plant species, here are some photos. Fruits are plants, too. And yes, I have asked Santa Claus to
get me a better camera and improve my focusing ability.
Inhabitants of Los Tuxtlas have tried their best for the last 50 years to eliminate most of their trees . But
despite herculean efforts, considering the cragginess of the Sierra de Los Tuxtlas, a multitude of trees
remain, including endemic, endangered and trash trees.

Please note that I am neither a botanist nor a nature photographer.
Los Tuxtlas
Veracruz, Mexico