Aside from religion related activities and political voodoo, there is little apparent evidence of culture in
Los Tuxtlas.

So  it will be a surprise to find out the considerable number of poetry volumes that were published here.

Lovers of music, internationally are now discovering the so called "sones" of Los Tuxtlas, while locally
their public presentation has almost disappeared.

Aside from the English speaking presses brujo spiels, there are a surprising number of local folktales,
still fresh in most inhabitants minds.

Interaction with local flora still forms a major ingredient of local health and cuisine.

The love for "carne de monte" (game) still is prevalent. Most non domestic creatures have long
disappeared from public menus. Yet still there are many still drooling over a rare armadillo or turtle stew.

Reading seems to be on the endangered list here. Libraries are woefully understocked and bookstores
are almost non existent.

A recently opened gallery near Catemaco, and a wonderful mural inside the San Andres city hall alerts
visitors to the strong presence of painters in the area.

And the pottery figures often offered on the road sides entering Los Tuxtlas are a reminder of the long
history of ceramics in Los Tuxtlas, now almost disappeared.
Los Tuxtlas
Veracruz, Mexico