Catemaco and Los Tuxtlas weather is extrapolated from the Minatitlan or Veracruz airport stations more
than 80 miles away.

Temperatures are fairly uniform in Los Tuxtlas, and best described as often hot and frequently humid.
Nights are generally balmy.

As for  "generally",  a low temperature of 69 degrees F during the winter may not sound cold to you, but
combine that with a little north wind and any southerner will freeze off his proverbial donkey.

Temperatures drop a little more than 2 degrees for every 656 feet of altitude and historically snow has
been seen on the Tuxtlas´s highest volcano.

Temperatures per month:        Rainfall per month:
Average       76f              Average:       7 inches
Avg. Highest  84f            Avg. Jun-Oct    11 inches
Avg. Lowest   69f             Avg. Nov-May    2 inches

The hottest month is May, averaging 91f high temperatures, with January being the coolest, averaging 63f
low temperatures. Generally the swing between high and low is 8-14 degrees, although an incoming north
wind can change that by more than 15 degrees within minutes.

Rainfall is highly variable because of terrain features.  Within a mile, rain total may differ 200%.

Catemaco happens to be one of the drier and cooler places in Los Tuxtlas.

The wet season extends from mid June to December, with most rain occurring July to October.
Fairly dry months are expected January through May, with April & May the driest.

Windy season runs September to May, when North winds
(nortes) can occasionally gust to 100 km/hr,
interchanging with
suradas, (South winds), occasionally gusting at equal speeds from February to May.

Brushes with hurricanes or tropical storms are a rarity. The first hurricane to affect Los Tuxtlas in 36
years made land fall near the Catemaco coast in October 2005. The last volcano erupted in 1793.

So when is a good time to visit?
Anytime! The weather is rarely nasty more than a few days.
When to Come Visit
For  the current weather, and much more detail, see:
Catemaco Diario - tiempo
Jan.   1 - New Year - official holiday
Jan.   6 - Dia de los Santos Reyes - 3 King´s Day
Jan.   after the 6th -  School vacation ends
Jan. 17 - San Antonio Abad - everything gets blessed, dogs, cars, houses, etc.

Feb.   first week - School vacation begin
Feb.   2 - Celebration of the Virgen of Candelaria (best in Tlacotalpan)
Feb. - first Monday  - Dia de la Constitución - official holiday (instead of 5th)
Feb. 14 - Dia de la Amistad - Valentine´s Day
Feb. - middle -  School vacation ends
Feb. 24 - Dia de la Bandera - Mexican Flag day,
unofficial holiday
Feb./ March -  Carnival in Veracruz City (moveable feast days, changes yearly)

Mar. - First Thursday/Friday - Annual Brujo Convention in Catemaco
Mar. - third Monday  - Benito Juarez birthday - official holiday, (instead of 21st)

March/April - School vacation begins
March/April - Easter week - don´t expect any official response, anywhere
March/April - Maudy Thursday & Good Friday -
unofficial holidays, banks and
government closed
Apr. middle - School vacation ends
Apr. 30 - Children's Day

May   1 - Labor day - official holiday
May   3 - Dia de la Santa Cruz - crosses get hung on new construction & masons
May   5 - Cinco de Mayo,  celebrates Mexico´s victory over the French in Puebla,
unofficial holiday
May 10 - Dia de la Madre - Mother´s day, unofficial holiday
May - middle - school holidays 10 days

June 1 - Navy day,  Catemaco boat people hold a party, unofficial holiday
June - beginning - rainy season begins, expect heavy rains till end of October

July 4  - 2010 Election day for Veracruz
July - beginning - School vacation begins -  popular hotels sell out
July 16 - Virgen de la Carmen celebration, week long county fair in Catemaco
July 25 - Día de Santiago Apóstol, Santiago Tuxtla's patron saint is celebrated
with a fair

Aug. 15 - Dia de Asuncion - Beach town Montepio celebrates annual fiesta
Aug.      - middle - school holiday ends - touristic places become ghost towns

Sep.   1 - State of the Union speech by Mexican president - unofficial  holiday
Sep. 16 - Mexican Independence Day - official holiday
Sep. 16 - Aerostatic Balloons released in San Andres Tuxtla

Oct. 12 - Dia de la Raza - Mexico´s answer to Columbus day - unofficial holiday,
banks closed
Oct. 18 - Battle of Totoapan - Defeat of the French near Acayucan in 1863

Nov.   1 - Todos Los Santos - unofficial holiday
Nov.   2 - Dia de los Muertos - unofficial holiday, banks closed
Nov. 12 - Dia de Cartero - Mailman day - tip well! - otherwise you will not read
your snail mail.
Nov. 17 - Festival Agustín Lara, Tlacotalpan, Xalapa, Veracruz
Nov.  third Monday - Mexican Revolution Day - official holiday, (instead of 20th)
Nov. 30 - San Andres Tuxtla celebrates its patron Saint Andrew

Dec.   1 - 2012   Inauguration of Mexican President - official holiday every 6 years
Dec.   8 - La Purísima Concepción - procession at dawn, followed by tamales
and atoles
Dec. 11 - La Guadalupana - everyone sings Las Mañanitas after midnight
after Dec 11 it becomes almost impossible to transact official business in Mexico
until school vacations end second week in January.
Dec. 12 - Virgin of Guadalupe Celebration -
unofficial holiday, banks closed
Dec. 16-27 - Posadas - candlelight processions celebrating Joseph & Mary run
around in Bethlehem
Dec.  - third week - School vacation begins
Dec. 22 - Día del Agente de Tránsito  - give a gift to your favorite traffic police
Dec. 25 - Christmas - official holiday
Dec. 31 - Exhibición de viejos - Dolls of old men are stuffed with firecrackers and