A partial phone directory of Catemaco & Los Tuxtlas, last update January 2009
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Rural satelite phone directory
As far as I know, there is no official chamber of commerce in Los Tuxtlas. There is a registry in San Andrès
that supposedly handles Catemaco. Unfortunately I have never been able to contact them.
There are lists compiled by SIEM ( Sistema de Informaciòn Empresarial Mexicana)
registered businesses of Los Tuxtlas
Unfortunately, Catemaco or any place in  Los Tuxtlas does not have its own phone book.
Tuxtla and Santiago Tuxtla.

The company Telmex, owned by the richest man in the world, has a monopoly on land line
phones in Los Tuxtlas and has yet to provide most rural towns with phone lines.

Cellular phones are split between Telcel, (a Telmex subsidiary), Iusacell and Moviestar. None
provide complete coverage of the area, especially not on the coast or in the mountains.

Telmex - consult the yellow pages
Telmex - consult the white pages (only works if you have a Telmex account)
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Almost all rural communities, and also the touristic places on the coast and in the hills have community satellite service.
You call the phone, and leave a message for the person or business, and they may or may not return the call.
In July 2010 I called a few numbers that turned out to be disconnected.
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Catemaco internet links
ecotouristic directory
Compiled by the Veracruz government in 2007
"Ecoturístic"  businesses in Los Tuxtlas
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