Hotels in the Sierra Santa Marta
Hotel Soteapan
Soteapan city
parking, camping
150 Pesos
Peña Hermos, Tatahuicapan,
rooms, cabañas, camping,
sometimes food
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Tatahuicapan City
Hotel Mecalco
Huazuntlan, Mecayapan
Km. 25  Oteapan - Soteapan
(924) 219 4171
Palapa Rooms
Jicacal, Pajapan
from 200 Pesos
restaurants nearby
(921) 141 5039

Pajapan City
the edge of the Gulf and Laguna del Ostion and the Jem Takxi waterfall near Soteapan.  Closest access to
the jungle of the Sierra is from the village of Santa Martha above Soteapan, but it is hard to get a guide.

During the hot months the area attracts mostly southern Veracruz people to several river baths and the
Gulf beaches.

In the last few year numerous "ecotouristic" cabins have sprung up on the edges of Laguna del Ostion
and within some communities.

Best bet to stay for someone wanting to explore the Sierra is either the nearby city of Acayucan or 2
hotels near Huazuntlan. The Peña Hermosa ecotourism installation is also worth considering.

Restaurants are mostly of the primitive variety, with the usal plethora of palapa style dining in Jicacal and
Playa Linda.

Transportation throughout the area is haphazard and dependent on intermittent communal taxis and rare
bus service.
The city of Soteapan features a hotel, some guest rooms and several mini restaurants around the central market, and one at
the entrance to the Jem Takxi waterfall.
Camping is possible at the hotel and at the waterfall in season.
The city of Mecayapan is a touristic dead end, nearby Huazuntlan, though, features several river balnearios and  offers some
hotels and eateries.

The long coast is barren of touristic features. I did find some guest rooms in Arrecifes and Perla del Golfo. There is a light house
near Perla de Golfo, and the shell of a museum in Piedra  Labrada.
Tatahuicapan City has a few eateries around the central square and a guest house. The distant ecotourism resort of
Peña Hermosa offers cabañas and rooms but only serves food when groups are present.
The beaches of Pajapan get very busy during the summer and palapas abound. The rest of the year it's tough to get
something to eat. The city of Pajapan has a few eateries and guest rooms.  The beach at Jicacal offers tours and a
passenger ferry across Laguna Ostion with access to Coatzacoalcos.

Numerous government sponsored eco lodges forlornly await tourists in several communities along the lagoon edge.
In the city of Covarrubias at the south exit, is a great restaurant, Doña Julia?,
which served me a beefsteak memela the size of my spare tire. Several "Motels" are nearby.
Off the main highway passing through the municipio is a small museum wort visiting by Olmec fans.
Hotel ?
Huazuntlan, Mecayapan
Soteapan - Huazuntlan highway
200 pesos
Jem Takxi Waterfall
near Soteapan city
parking, camping & restaurant
30 Pesos
Hueyapan de Ocampo
Santa Rosa Museum
Santa Rosa Loma Larga, Hueyapan
no entry fee, but tip well!
restaurants nearby
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