Hotels & Restaurants in Santiago Tuxtla
Hotel Kingdian
from 800 pesos
28 rooms, convention facilities, restaurant
Carretera Federal 180, km 121
294 947 1447
The recently remodeled Gran Hotel Plaza (formerly Hotel Castellanos) is a "must stay"
in Santiago Tuxtla. Just make sure you get an upper floor room and marvel at the
magnificent vistas. The lobby restaurant is also recommended as one of the few
places constantly open.

On the friendly side, Estancia Olmeca rates high. The newest, Hotel Kingdian, is a few
miles outside of town towards Catemaco and is best reserved for a traveller having to
pull over in the night. Its facilities and views are great in the morning.

Best place to catch a snack when visiting the museum is one of the stalls in the next
door Mercado. A better looking restaurant is on the highway, but I have yet to try it.

Tres Zapotes has no facilities except for several loncheria type eating places.
Estancia Olmeca
from 200 pesos,
10 rooms,
Carretera Federal No. 78
294 947 1099,
Gran Santiago Plaza
from 470 pesos
53 rooms, pool, parking, great views
on plaza
294 947 0100
Meson de Santiago
from 600 pesos
20 rooms, pool
5 de Mayo No. 8
294 947 1670,
Hotel Morelos
from 260 pesos
10 rooms
Morelos No. 141
294 947 0474
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