Hotels and Restaurants in San Andrés Tuxtla
Posada San Martin
from 443 Pesos with AC
22 rooms, pool
Av. Juarez 304
(294) 942 1036
Hotel Isabel
23 rooms
Madero 13
(294) 942 1617
More than 30 hotels give visitors a choice of accommodations from rustic to luxurious.

The recently updated Hotel del Parque is possibly the most recommendable because of its sidewalk terrace
restaurant and views of the central plaza. The Posada San Martin is one of the nicest and "quietest" and has
drive up parking. Three basic, cheap hotels are one block north of the
cathedral: Colonial, Catedral & Figueroa. The bus station is a 15 peso  taxi ride away.

Hotels in the beach areas are mostly congregated around Montepio. Best bets are the new hotel at the side
of the Las Casitas restaurant in Dos de Abril, the older Posada San Jose (same owner as the one in San
Andres city) and the "No name" hotel overlooking the gulf and the shenaningans of the Montepio beach.
During the holiday seasons, these places are jam packed!

Restaurants are reviewed below:
main commercial area surrounding the central plaza, and serve mostly traditional Mexican food.

Local cuisine is lauded by many, but difficult to find on restaurant menus. Look for "mimilos" of cinnamon and sweet corn,  black
beans with "chonegui" leaves and the rare indigenous "tatabiguiyayo" stew.

Some more notable eateries are the Cafe of the Hotel del Parque, across from the central park and a hangout for local politicians.
La Caperucita at the end of Ave. Constitución serves well cooked meals in an attractive setting. Winnis also on the main plaza is
currently popular for inexpensive meals. In the evenings the nightly food stalls near the plaza attract gourmets with a myriad of
yummy smells.

Fast food Chinese (inside the Aurrera store) and Japanese (near the Santa Rosa church) has recently become available in the city.
On the main highway, El Merendero (near Aurrera) is a long time favorite.

The coast communities seasonally offer dozens of palapa style restaurants serving fresh sea food. Two of the more established
places are La Casita in Dos de Abril and Doña Reyna (now called Montepio) in Montepio.
Los Clarines
upper hills of Volcano San Martin
1 cabaña
see  ecotourism

La Casita Yambigapan
above Laguna Encantada,
2 cabañas, camping spaces

Finca La Cantera
near Comoapan
cabañas & camping
(294) 942 6316
Various Cabanas
Los Organos
above Playa Hermosa

Hotel Eyipantla
Salto de Eyipantla
rooms, restaurant
Hotel Gaby
4 rooms
Costa de Oro
(200) 125 5410?

Costa de Oro
iguana sanctuary, camping
(294) 945 6681?

Eco Cabaña
2 rooms
restaurant on the side
Hotel Playa de Muñecos
Arroyo de Lisa
8? rooms
from 300 pesos

Arroyo de Lisa
5 cabañas, from 300 pesos
(200) 125 5410?

Punta Roca Partida
Roca Partida
7 cabins, from 350 pesos
restaurant being built
(294) 949 5633
Hotel La Casita
Dos de Abril
2 rooms, restaurant
Hotels within the City
Restaurants in San Andrés Tuxtla
Hotels in the Hills of San Andrés Tuxtla
Hotels on the Gulf coast of San Andrés Tuxtla
Salinas, Roca Partida, Arroyo de Lisa, Costa de Oro
Hotel de los Pérez
from 468 Pesos with AC
34 rooms
Rascon 2
294 942 0777
Posada San Jose
from 380 Pesos with AC
28 rooms
Belisario Dominguez 10
(294) 942 1010
Hotel del Parque
39 rooms
Madero 5
(294) 942 0198
Hotel Michelle
from 400 Pesos
39 rooms, pool
Dr. Bernardo Peña 36
(294) 942 1008 -
Hotel Isabel
from 380 Pesos with AC
31 rooms
Francisco I. Madero No. 6
294 942-0604
from 150 pesos
? rooms
Pino Suarez 3
294 942 0237
Hotel Figueroa  
from 170 Pesos
35 rooms
Pino Suarez 10
294 942 0257
Hotel Colonial
from 150 pesos, 75 single
? rooms
Pino Suarez 7
294 942 0552
Hotel Juarez
from ? Pesos
? rooms
Av. Juarez 16
294 942 1556
More Hotels
Villas of Montepio
2x2 bedroom villas
on river
Eco Cabaña
Toro Prieto, 2 rooms
Eco Cabañas
huts, camping
Posada San Jose
secure parking, restaurant,
parking, mini pool
(294) 942 1010 - in San Andrés
Hotel Paraiso
10 rooms,
secure parking,
Hotel No Name
about 20 rooms,
gulf view
Playa Hermosa
6 out of 24 rooms available,
Cabañas del Sol
10 cabañasfrom 350 pesos,
pool, on gulf,
Hotel El Encanto
Dos de Abril
7 rooms from 250 pesos,
gulf view
Hotel Maria del Mar
Dos de Abril
restaurant, pool
Hotel no name
Dos de Abril
12 rooms, parking
beach view
Gaia Paraíso
near Eyipantla
6 casitas, from 2000 pesos,
river, pool, restaurant
see review
Numerous other "ecotouristic" lodges are being constructed. During the high season, many private rooms and houses are available
Numerous other "ecotouristic" lodges are being constructed.
Note: The area has no direct telephone or cellular service. See directory for available community satellite phones and websites.
Note: The area has no direct telephone or cellular service. See directory for available community satellite phones and websites.
Montepio, Dos de Abril, Revolución, Playa Hermosa, Balzapote