RV parking & camping
Catemaco used to be a destination for many caravans crossing from Texas to the Yucatan peninsula.
The advent of the toll road (
cuota) bypassing Catemaco has greatly decreased that traffic.

There is no professional RV park in Catemaco. Hotel Tepetapan is making an effort to provide some US
style hookups, Playa Azul offers its parking lot and several other locales offer grass parking.

Camping is available anywhere. But nothing is organized. Pick a place where you want to camp, and
ask the owner how much, or pitch a tent on any public beach (except Catemaco) and see what
Tepetapan RV Park & Cabins
Catemaco, west of carretera, enter near gas station, river view
pool, parking, nice grounds, English spoken,
WIFI internet, some 30 amp hookups, camping.
RV grounds and camping
Catemaco Malecon, about 10 unimproved RV sites plus camping,
restaurant, 15 amp hookups, grass lots.
Nov '08 - owners says wants no RV's, Jan 09 - accepts RV's. I think they are
dead, except for camping
XX can get noisy
Rancho Bahia Escondida, Pozolapan
on lake shore, 7 miles southwest of Catemaco via La Victoria,
intermittent restaurant, dormitory, 2 cabins, camping
XX 1/2 mile walking access only
Playa Azul Condo Hotel
2 miles northeast of Catemaco
Uses parking lot for RV's, some 15 amp hookups, some campsites,
pool, temascal, restaurant, bar, playground, games, gardens, credit cards
Nov '08 - wishywashy management first denies parking then tries to
extort rates.
La Jungla
daytime resort & campground
on lake shore next to Nanciyaga, 5 miles northeast of Catemaco towards
Coyame,  occasional dirty restaurant, pool, nature trails, water slide,
accessible by small rigs only via 3/4 mile rutted road, camping.
Arroyo Agrio
4 miles - on road to Coyame
camping only, only open when owner feel like it
RV Parking
Pick any place you like and ask the owner for permission or pitch a tent in most any public place, except
In Catemaco, the RV park Tepetapan allows camping. The Hotel Playita sometimes
allows tenting in its front yard, and the La Ceiba Restaurant has been renting for years. Campers have also
been seen in Playa Azul. Additionally, most community ecotourism villages allow camping.

On the beaches, the story is different. In La Barra, Montepio, Dos de Abril, and other coastal beach villages you
can occupy most any square foot of beach and erect a tent.

Most of the year the beaches are deserted. But during Easter week and August, sometimes you will not be
able to find any unoccupied sand to walk on.

Collected rated are unpredictable. Figure around 50 pesos per person.

If you do camp anywhere without facilities, do please bring your own shovel to bury your wastes.
Montepio - off season
Montepio - high season
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