Hotels in the city of Catemaco
hotels along the Malecon, across from the Laguna and in the city

Hotels in San Andrés Tuxtla
in the city, beaches and hills  of San Andrés Tuxtla

Hotels in Santiago Tuxtla
Hotels in the Sierra Santa Marta

all of the nearby ecotouristic villages
RV & Camping
Group Tourism
You could spend one night in each of the almost 100 Catemaco and Los Tuxtlas hotels.
(I have a problem reflecting actual hotel room prices - they change faster than I can walk between hotels)

If you can afford it:
Hotel La Finca - around 1500 Pesos - directly on the laguna, a 1/2 mile walk to downtown.
Hotel Playa Cristal - across from the laguna, on the Malecon, usually prices itself above 1000 pesos double.

If you are related to Mother Nature and are here to visit her:
Hotel Playa Azul - 2 miles north of town on the laguna,  Nanciyaga lake shore cabins or Los Amigos accessible only by
boat from Sontecomapan.

If you are seeing Mexico on a shoestring:
Low budget travelers will find two cheap hotels etc. starting at around 10 to 15 bucks per single without parking around the
city center. Don´t expect air conditioning or candies on pillows.

If you're not too picky - check the hotel pages !
Hotel Koniapan, end of Malecon with easy parking but rip off displayed pricing, Hotel Julita (no AC, 3 rooms, cheap and
good restaurant),
Del Brujo with nice views of the laguna. Del Lago  is a good bet in the mid price range.

In San Andrés Tuxtla
3 really cheap hotels are 2 blocks from the plaza. Nice rooms, pool and good parking at the Posada San Martin.

In Santiago Tuxtla
The Gran Plaza has the best views, the Meson is the nicest, and the Estancia Olmeca is the most homey.
The Catemaco and Los Tuxtlas area holds more than 100 hotels with more than 1000 rooms or hammock spaces.
few feature rooms with lake views.

Catemaco center city hotels are noisy, mainly because of church bells, incessant hawking and on weekends, lots of loud
music. Displayed hotel tariffs often are wishful thinking. Negotiate!

If you happen to show up during
semana santa, (easter week), or some three day weekends, bring a tent, the town fills up.
Hotels suitable for handicapped access
Del Lago, Koniapan, Playa Cristal, La Finca, Campestre

Hotels that accept pets:
Playa Azul.

Hotels with WIFI internet:
La Finca, Catemaco, Koniapan, Del Lago, (the list is growing).
Some Notes about Catemaco hotels
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