Group Tourism in Catemaco
A relatively unknown aspect of Catemaco tourism are the facilities of special interest groups that annually
attract thousands of their members to Catemaco.

Some of these facilities are equal to or better than any hotel in Catemaco and located in ideal locations.
Most allow no public access.
El Huerto Ecoclub
El Huerto Ecoclub is the forerunner of the ecotourism bus tours from Mexico City. This is a private venture devoted to
environmental education, occupying several acres on Laguna Catemaco, about a mile south from the city. It specializes in
annually hauling more than 600 young people from the Mexican upper classes to Catemaco and teaches them to sail and to
appreciate their environment. Occasionally rooms are available to the public.
Villa Nuestra Señora del Carmen
This former hotel with a large pool and great views, on a hill overlooking Catemaco is now owned by the catholic church and
sponsors retreats and private functions. No website, ask a priest, I guess.
Red de Ecoturismo Comunitario de Los Tuxtlas (RECT)
An organization formed by several Los Tuxtlas communities to promote their ecotourism. RECT arranges
group tours & stays from Mexico City to primarily Lopez Mateos and Miguel Hidalgo.
DIF - Mártires de Río Blanco
A luxury retreat built by a government welfare organization on the shores of Laguna Catemaco in Tebanca.
More Info:
El Teterete
Pozolapan, 6 miles from Catemaco - via La Victoria,
caters mostly to organized youth groups,  includes restaurant, pool, sauna, boat rental, serpentarium,
All but the rooms open to the public, usually weekends,
XX - access via 3 miles of dirt road.
Estación de Biológía Los Tuxtlas
20 miles northeast of Catemaco, has a full fledged hotel and restaurant setup. The station primarily serves biology researches.
The public is not welcome to stay.
more hotels
Adventistas Resort
Pray to get in.