Instigated by university researchers and initially supported by both Mexican government and NGO
funds, several communities on the Sierra Santa Marta side of Laguna Catemaco began ecotouristic
projects in the late 1990's.

These villages offers excellent ways to enjoy rain forest biodiversity, birdwatching, waterfalls,
hiking, swimming or canoeing;  as well as an opportunity to learn about Mexican community life,
local history, plant uses and recipes, and an interesting perspective on the role communities can
play in conservation. (from one of their prospectuses).

Accommodations and trails are rustic. Knowledgable guides are available. Expect to hear only
Spanish and don´t expect catering to special needs.

The services offered at present are geared towards groups with communal accommodations and
kitchens. Individuals are welcome but will need to employ a guide to trek through the surrounding
forest which is inherently private property.
El Apompal
Miguel Hidalgo
in the foothills of El Bastonal, Sierra Santa
Several nearby waterfalls and a pretty lake will
tempt you to stay in communal cabins.
Selva del Marinero
Lopez Mateos
On the shores of the Rio Coxcoapan and the
slopes of Sailor's mountain at the northern
edge of the Sierra Santa Marta
Catemaco's first ecotouristic community invites you
to its nature trails, a bat cave, waterfall and rivers.
Las Margaritas
at the edge of Laguna Catemaco and Rio
A small archaeological zone, bast caves and
jungle  trails await visitors after rowboat
excursions along the shores and the delta of the
Las Cabañas
on the edge of Laguna Sontecomapan
Communal cabins allow a prolonged stay to
explore the endangered mangroves and wildlife of
the Laguna by canoe.
Los Clarines
Ruiz Cortines
on the slopes of Volcano San Martin Tuxtla
One of the coolest spots in Los Tuxtlas, at 1000
meters altitude offers guided tours to the top of the
Peña Hermosa
on the Gulf of Mexico at the foot of volcano
San Martin Pajapan
An over sized eco-touristic facility invites turtle
watchers and beach combers primarily from
southern Veracruz.
Ecotourism around Los Tuxtlas
Benito Juarez
above Laguna Catemaco on the Sierra side
with access to La Margarita
Great views, pool,  trails, waterfall and bat caves
see articles about ecotouristic places.
or see the complete
2008 list of "ecotouristic" enterprises in Los Tuxtlas.
Private Ecotourism
third class  accommodations, usually in primitive huts whose only claim to fame may be that they are near a pretty

But there also are a few who are making a genuine effort o provide an ecotouristic experience.
Gaia Paraíso
near the Eyipantla waterfall,
on the shore of the Rio Grande.
19 km de Catemaco
6 cabañas,  from 2000 pesos,
pool, restaurant.
(998) 849 5872,
see review
Rancho Los Amigos
La Barra de Sontecomapan,
on the shore of the Laguna.
32 km de Catemaco, access by boat only,
rooms, cabañas & hammocks,
from 460 Pesos
restaurant, WIFI
(294) 943-0101, see review
Also see Catemaco Hotels - RV y camping.
The page includes a few other places that qualify as ecotouristic.