Lagunas are one of the anchors of attractions in  Los Tuxtlas. From mystic Laguna Catemaco to jungle
rimmed Laguna Escondida and the mangroves of Laguna Sontecomapan, the Tuxtlas have an amazing
variety of aquatic paradises.

The terms laguna (lagoon) and lago (lake) are used interchangeably in Mexican Spanish to the distress of
nit pickers.

Not all of the Tuxtlas lagunas are crater lakes. Most of their depth is relatively shallow. The deepest is 100
feet, (30 meters). Extremely shallow Laguna Sontecomapan is a true lagoon with access to the Gulf of
Mexico. Laguna Catemaco was created when lava flow obstructed a valley. Some are only seasonal
watering holes. But many others are possibly collapsed cones of small volcanoes now filled with water.

Unfortunately, many of the smaller lakes are inaccessible. From Catemaco though, Lagunas Chalchoapan,
Ampopal, Encantada, Amolapan and Escondida are within easy reach.

The Tuxtlas lakes retain the region's history. Studies of laguna sediment cores have demonstrated 5000
years of agricultural activity in Los Tuxtlas.
Lakes and Lagunas
Laguna Amolapan
Location: Catemaco, Veracruz,
Name: Nahuatl "Waters of the Moon Flower"
Size:  1 ha, Depth: 13m,  Altitude: 400m
Water Quality: eutrophic
More info: catemaco. info
Access: 1 mile south of city on Catemaco - Acayucan  highway
Name: Nahuatl "Emerald Waters"
Size:  590m x 570 m, app 3.4 hectares,  Depth:  max. 43m, avg 23m, Altitude: xxm
Water Quality: eutrophic
More info:
Location: San Andrés Tuxtla, Veracruz,
Access:  off Veracruz - Acayucan  highway
Name: Spanish "Bewitched Lake", also known as Yambigapan
More info:
Location: San Andrés Tuxtla, Veracruz,
Access: 1 mile off Catemaco - Montepio highway, near Biological station
Size:  ?? ha, 1400 m long,  Depth:  32 m , Altitude:130 m
Water Quality: eutrophic
More info:
Location: San Andrés Tuxtla, Veracruz,
Access: 1/4 mile off El Tropico - Montepio highway, nearLa Nueva Victoria
Size:  ?? ha,  Depth:  ?? m , Altitude:
Water Quality: eutrophic
More info:
Location: Catemaco, Veracruz,
Access: 1 mile northwest of city off Catemaco -Sontecomapan  highway
Name: Nahuatl "
Water Quality: eutrophic
More info:
Laguna del Ostion
Access: End of Acayucan - Playa Jicacal  highway
Name: Spanish "Oyster Lagoon"
Size:  ?? ha, Depth: ??m,  Altitude: sealevel
Water Quality: brackish
Laguna de Sontecomapan
Location: Catemaco, Veracruz,
Access: Catemaco - Sontecomapan  highway, 18 miles north of Catemaco City
Water Quality: brackish
More info: Laguna Sontecomapan
Lago Apompal
Location: Ejido Miguel Hidalgo, Catemaco, Veracruz,
Access: Off Catemaco - La Margarita road, '' miles northeast of Catemaco City
Name: Nahuatl "  "
Water Quality: ?
More info: Miguel Hidalgo Ecotourism
Other Lakes
Laguna de Catemaco
Access: off Catemaco - Acayucan highway
Name: Nahuatl "  "
Size:  ?? ha, Depth: ??m,  Altitude: 340m
Water Quality: eutrophic
More info: Laguna Catemaco
There are dozens of small lakes hidden in Los Tuxtlas, but most are almost inaccessible to sensible travelers.

Laguna Marquez
Laguna Verde
Laguna Mojo
Laguna Zapotal,  etc.

.....For a while I thought Volcano San Martin Tuxtla  might have a small crater lake.
"Como resultado de la porosidad de la lava y de las capas de ceniza presentes en el área no hay arroyos cercanos a la zona
del volcán. El cuerpo de agua permanente ubicado a mayor altitud (1,250 m) es un aguaje localizado al lado sur del volcán."
So I climbed up. There is no permanent water presence in the crater.
Los Tuxtlas Geography
Veracruz, México
Laguna Chalchoapan
Laguna Encantada
Laguna Escondida
Laguna Majahual
Laguna del Ostion
Laguna Nixtamalapan