The terrain of Los Tuxtlas looks like a crumpled sheet of paper. As a consequence, the rivers have had
rapids to roaring 200 foot drops are within easy reach of anywhere in the area.

Various words describe a waterfall in Spanish. Big ones are usually saltos, smaller
ones are cascadas and pozas actually means springs but the word  is often used to
denote the swimming holes formed by a small waterfalls.

Salto de Eyipantla was recently featured in the film Apocalypto and other locales like Poza Reyna
have been used in many Mexican film productions.

Los Tuxtlas has a distinct rainy season, and although most falls run water all year, the most impressive
views are from July to December.
Also known as Poza Reyna
near Miguel Hidalgo in the Sierra Santa Marta,
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Poza Reina
also known as Cascada de Sontecomapan
formed by the
arroyo negro stream on its way to Sontecomapan,
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Poza Negra
Also known as Cascada de Sonteapan
near Soteapan in the Sierra Santa Marta, 2 hours from Catemaco,
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Jem Takxi
Horsetail Waterfall, near Miguel Hidalgo,
1 1/2 hours northeast of Catemaco in the Sierra Santa Marta,
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Cola de Caballo
On Rio Col, in Ejido Revolución, half hour northwest of Montepio,
2 hours northeast of Catemaco near the Gulf of Mexico,
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Montepio Waterfalls
On Rio Grande de Catemaco,  between San Andrés Tuxtla and Catemaco,
1 hours northwest of Catemaco, in foothills of Volcano San Martin,
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Los Tuxtlas
Veracruz, Mexico