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several  publications are missing

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All below published in Historia Natural de Los Tuxtlas
Inst. Biol., UNAM 1997.

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Buteo Swainsonii  Swainson Hawk

Schaldach, Jr., W.J. 1997.
Geotrygon Carrikeri, Purplish Backed Quail Dove

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Psaracolins Montezuma Moctezuma Oropendola

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Additionally: four major works in  manuscript to be published.
(if someone´s prepared to edit them!  DZ)

Birding Books Dedicated to W. J. S. Jr.

Wauer, Roland 1992.    A Naturalists Mexico
Howell, Steve and Sophie Webb 1995.
A Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America
(Oxford University Press)

New Forms of Mammals
(described by W.J.S., Jr. With Charles McClaughlin)
Musonycteris harrisoni
New genus of nectar feeding bat from Colima, Mexico     (1960).

New  Genus and Species
Notiosorex (xenosorex) phillipsi. A shrew from the Oaxaca Mountains (1966)

Two New Subspecies
(1966) Orthogeomys grandis alvarezi
A large pocket gopher from the Oaxacan Mountains
Tylomys nudicaudus villai
An arboreal rat from the cloud forest of the Oaxacan Mountains

Species Discovered by W.J.S., Jr. But Named By Others
MammalsPeromyscus Ochraventer Baker 1951.
A large deer mouse from Tamaulipas, Mexico.
Neotama angusta palata Baker 1951.
A wood rat from Tamaulipas, Mexico.

New  Subspecies of Tropical Bird
A Foliage Gleaner (Amabacerthia variegaticeps     shaldachi
named for William J. Schaldach, Jr. By Dr. Kevin Winker (1997)
a disjunct population in the cloud forest of central Guerrero.

Personal History
William J. Schaldach, Jr., has achieved world recognition as the Dean of Mexican
Ornithology. He was born in New England  in 1924, the son of the renowned
watercolor artist and fishing editor for Field and Stream Magazine from 1923 - 1933,
William J. Schaldach, Sr.

In addition to other references,
A Guide to    the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America; Howell and Webb
1995. (the guide book used by most birders today) is dedicated to Mr. Schaldach, Jr.,

as was Roland H. Wauers   A Naturalists Mexico,(1992- Texas A.M. Univ. Press)
Partially Annotated and Taxonomic Checklist of The Birds of The State of Veracruz, Mexico
by W. J. Schaldach, Jr.,  Catemaco, Veracruz, Mexico, 1998 - 2003

Veracruz, Mexico