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Veracruz, Mexico
Jaime Quiroz of Amazonas - promotional videos of Catemaco in Spanish
click here for his  YouTube page:
Gustavo Turrent Carlin - a fan of Los Tuxtlas
click here for his  YouTube page: videos
Most of these personal videos are nothing to brag about
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There is no movie theater in Catemaco.

Since 2006, hundreds of Catemaco and Los Tuxtlas videos have surfaced on the internet.
Here is a selection of some of our own videos, and links to better ones.

Only recently YouTube started streaming 640px videos. Most of the ones here are
unfortunately best seen in tiny 320px frames. Most all that have soundtracks, are in Spanish.
selected videos of Catemaco and Los Tuxtlas
YouTube is a pain to find good specific videos. Here is our selection of ones worth viewing: