Geographic Details
Veracruz, Mexico
A compilation of geographic features from throughout the pages:

The Catemaco Coast - all the beaches and attractions along 18 km
Rio Grande de Catemaco - the dominant river in the northern Los Tuxtlas.

Cerro Pipiapan - a 700 meter tall hill between Catemaco and the coast
Laguna Amolapan - a jewel of a lake on the outskirts of Catemaco
Cascadas Cristal - three waterfalls  on an ecotourism ranch.

Rancho Flores - a waterfall and lots of riverfront on an ecotourism ranch.
Poza Reyna - a series of waterfalls and swimming holes along the Rio Cuetzalapan.
Cola de Caballo - the tallest waterfall in Catemaco

El Azuzul - a tiny swamp withing the Catemaco city limits
Tepetapan Dam  - the reservoir, dam and spillways of the Rio Grande dams.
The Mangroves - a trip through the highly threaten mangroves of Laguna Sontecomapan.

The North Beach - ride along from Playa Escondida to La Barra
Poza de los Enanos - apopular spring fed water hole.
A trip to Las Margaritas - a lake cruise to visit prehispanic ruins.
For more geographic details of several of the villages of Catemaco, see:
Pueblos - village details