Real Estate
meter lots. (2150 square feet).  An abundance of undeveloped lots clutter most subdivisions lacking
public services  in the hills surrounding Catemaco.  Acreage is available at all times, but small parcels
of less than 5 acres are at a premium.

Average home cost for someone considered middle class in Catemaco, is between 300 and 600,000
pesos, usually built on a 35 by 70 foot lot. Anything near US middle class standards is above one
million pesos. There is almost no small property available along the laguna, and a good size buildable
lot with a view will be more than 500,000, while tiny lots in the boonies are selling for 20,000 pesos.

Catemaco is in the real estate stone age and does not employ real estate listings. 99% of homes are
for sale by owner and abetted by hundreds of street people, waiters, taxi drivers and hotel

I would estimate that 99% of Catemaco homes are owned without mortgages.
At present there are no housing developments. Lately a few homes have been speculatively built for
burgeoning Mexican credit buyer.

A foreigner can only "own" Catemaco property through a Mexican Land Tust (fideicomiso) because
the county is entirely within the 50 kilometer (31 miles) restricted coastal zone. Furthermore, a
foreigner cannot buy more than 2000 square meters, about 1/2 acre. There are ways to get around
these obstacles.
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