This picturesque community barely survives on fishing and ranching.

Nearby are some archaeological artifacts and the Tepeyaga hill, which is crossed with a walking trail to Las Margaritas.
Mid 2009 a small tourist facility was under construction. Fishermen may be enticed to row visitors around the Tepeyaga
shore. No store and no sanitary facilities.

This village is at the dead of the southwest shore road of Laguna Catemaco. Access is from La Victoria on Highway
180, 6 km southwest of Catemaco, then 12 km dirt road to the hamlet, total app. 18 km.
El Porvenir
Laguna Catemaco, Veracruz
El Porvenir
Description:  hamlet,  part of Mimiahua, end of south laguna beach road
Name:  Spanish "the future"
Population: 21 (2005)
Economy: fishing, cattle
Access: paved to La Victoria, then 3 1/2 miles dirt road,  7 1/2  miles southeast of Catemaco
Tourism: old rock carvings, trail head for Punta Tepeyaga and Las Margaritas