Municipio: Catemaco, Veracruz, Mexico
Type: village and ejido
Location: between Catemaco & Sontecomapan
Coordinates: 95° 03' 35'' Long, 18° 29' 21'  Lat.  
Population: 687 (2005),  719 (1995)
Altitude: 340m in the pueblo
The climate in the region is strongly influenced by the terrain, resulting in a gradient of variations in temperature and
humidity. The climate is generally temperate and humid with heavy rains and thunderstorms in the summer.
Precipitation is seasonal, with a dry season from March to May. Total annual rainfall is 2000 - 4500 mm, which is almost
double the amount that Catemaco City receives.

From September to February the region is affected by the displacement of masses of cold damp air from the north, which
creates fog banks around the nearby Buenavista Hill and frequently affects about 2 km of highway in the area.

Average annual temperature 18-26ºC, sometimes dropping to 15ºC during the winter.
As of 2007, Dos Amates had a total of 208 housing units, of which 168 were inhabited, 30 were unoccupied, and 10
homes were in temporary use by migrants. Almost 80% of homes have sheet metal roofs and dirt floors.

Service is provided by the CFE (Federal Electricity Commission). The pueblo has street lighting.

All homes have piped in water with at least one faucet. The water is obtained from a natural spring and stored in large
tanks above the village and then fed unmetered to consumers.
A community Water Board is responsible for cleaning, maintenance and chlorination of the main tanks.

There  is no sewage system. Waste disposal is 90% by latrines and the rest by septic tanks.

There is no garbage service. Individual property owners burn their trash outdoors. The pueblo cooperates to pay a
garbage truck from Catemaco City to  visit every one or two months to remove large trash.

Home Energy
Although 80% of homes have gas stoves,  the majority depend on outside wood burning stoves because of the lesser
cost of firewood as compared to gas.

20% of the community is illiterate. Four schools serve its app. 165 students (2005):
Jardín de niños “Estefanía Castañeda”,
Escuela primaria “Niños héroes”,
Escuela telesecundaria “José Vasconcelos”,
Telebachillerato “Dos Amates”.
Dos Amates
Catemaco, Veracruz
The Basics
The primary attraction in Dos Amates is a small waterfall formed by a stream crossing the ejido. A tiny "agua agria" (sour
water) mineral spring on the side of the waterfall also enchants visitors. Unfortunately, the ejido permitted an
unconscientious ranch owner from Catemaco to close the trail to the waterfall with concrete posts and barbed wire, and
you will now get your shoes soaked crossing the stream twice to reach the site.

Dos Amates is home to "EcoBiosfera", a  tour operator who also rents rooms and cabañas. A long time Swiss resident
runs a small backyard restaurant and also offers cabañas and massages. Several other rental cabañas have recently
been built.

Bird watching is probably the most popular activity.

Locals claim a volcanic fumarole, occasionally emitting steam and sulfur smells is located near the football field. Although
supposedly studied by geologists, no internet reference is available.
Dos Amates is the only significant community in the corridor connecting the San Martín Tuxtla and Santa Marta volcanoes.

The pueblo is moribund although attracting settlers from Catemaco City because of its alleged cooler weather and tranquility.
Primarily a ranching community with limited farming, the pueblo has lately generated ecotouristic interest because of its
abundant bird life, tranquility and physical attraction.

The name Dos Amates refers to two giant Amate trees which graced the entrance to the village when founded in 1928. Cerro
Buenavista (app. 760m.) dominates the inland skyline, while the Gulf and Laguna Sontecomapan are visible from most higher

The ejido has no flat terrain. Land slopes steeply from the neighboring mountain range as high as app. 760m, to less undulating
terrain above Sontecomapan at about 200m.

Several brooks crisscross the landscape, with several merging into the Arroyo de Dos Amates which is placid most of the
year, but turns into a strong torrent during parts of the rainy season.
Dos Amates was founded in 1928 by a group of immigrants from the Mexican states of Mexico, Oaxaca and
Tamaulipas, among others, which initially built 20 houses.
Only access is via the paved highway from Catemaco to Sontecomapan, app. 10 km.
Pirata (pickup truck conversions) and communal taxi service is available from Catemaco and Sontecomapan, app 10 pesos
in 2009.

A paved street forms a loop road through the village connecting to the highway at 2 entrances. Anyone unfamiliar with a
look at a small untouristic village in Los Tuxtlas is recommended to drive through and stop for a refreshment at one of
several stores along the main street, or have lunch at the
Swiss restaurant.
Most of the village data and history was compiled by Dr. Maria de los Angeles Hernández Ortiz during a
year of social service in the Dos Amates medical clinic.
1932 - First elementary school.
1962 - Electric service initiated.
1965 - Water pipes installed.
1974 - Jehova's Witness church.
1977 - First kindergarden.
1978 - Opening of CONASUPO, a government food store.
1978 - Satellite telephone installed.  
1982 - Catholic chapel constructed.
1984 - Ejido committee formed, telesecundaria built (satellite junior high school).
1985 - Long distance phone booth installed
1990 - Health clinic opened.
1995 - Molina de Nixmal opened (corn mill for tortillas), highway to Catemaco is paved .
1999 - All purpose community hall built
2001 - Telebachillerato is built (satellite high school)
2006 - Begins construction of central park and kiosk, not finished in 2009.
2007 - Installation of satellite internet, now abandoned.
2009 - Spotty cellular coverage in higher regions becomes available.