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Video de Jaime Quiroz
de las festividades del
Congreso de Brujos de 2006
Visitando un chaman
en Catemaco
8 minutes from the 2009 festival
Catemaco News occasionally reports on the brujos of Catemaco.
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Brujo Q & A
Will you recommend me a Brujo?

Every year in February I am inundated for requests about the Brujo Festival (witches) in beautiful downtown Catemaco.

I am posting some answers here so I can refer them to the next dozen peoples that ask the same question over and
over every year.

What is the Congreso de Brujos?
Originally the event was sponsored by the actual brujos of Catemaco as a social get together and who invited  the local
population to participate and be entertained. In the last decade or more, the  government of Catemaco supplanted the
brujos and converted the congress into a political event hoping to draw the governor of Veracruz to visit them, and
since then, most real brujos have ignored the public event.

When is the Brujo event?
The event is always on the first Friday of March. Customarily it began with a black mass on top of volcano Mono Blanco
at midnight on Thursday. One minute later is the first Friday of March.

The ride to and climb up the volcano may be fruitless because most brujos nowadays are too lazy or too rich to make
the effort.

So if you come to visit on the first Friday, you obviously missed it. Nevertheless several municipal administrations have
unsuccessfully tried to turn the event into a 5 day affair beginning on the Tuesday before the first Friday.

Which brujos participate in the event?
Originally most of the brujos participated. In the last years it is usually only the brujo that bribed the Catemaco municipio
with 100 thousand pesos or more to obtain the title of "Brujo Mayor", plus a few amigos, who is entitled to slaughter
black chickens in front of burning pentagrams, have a photo opportunity with the Veracruz governor and get quoted by
numerous journalists.

What events are scheduled for the Congreso?
That totally depends on the municipal government. Events range from mass midnight masses, mass limpias (spiritual
cleanings) in the laguna, booming disco concerts, political parades, supposed natives dancing to bongo drums, getting
drunk in front of burning pentagrams,  inspection by dozens of journalists, occasional lectures by brujophiles, and being
swamped by itinerant Mexican hippies selling handcrafted charms.

Most of the major brujos hold their own private midnight masses complete with dead chickens and expect gringos to pay
500 pesos and up to participate.

Usually the only functional event is a spring rite ceremony at Nanciyaga on Friday night, which is usually fully booked by
invitation only, and being scalped at 150 pesos or so.

Where can I find more information about this year's event?
Technically the current  incompetent (2010) secretary of tourism of Catemaco handles the event . My experience over
the last 8 years, is that the secretariat does not know what they are doing until one week before the event, when they
print up a zillion posters and glue them to every lamp post to alert the population of Catemaco which cares less. Specific
state or national publicity is usually absent.

Here are phone number of the Catemaco government. Please call them to verify the above information.  (294) 943-0016,
or (294) 943-0258. Good luck, and don't call me!
Brujo Tourism
Photos and Stories
Most of these photos are mine, some are from public sources, some are from professional photographers whom i should have
credited, including
Carlos Ferrer for his scenes of the brujo ceremony at Laguna Encantada.