Tours around Catemaco
Water Taxi - from Sontecomapan, across the Laguna to La Barra
La Panga Ferry - La Barra to La Chorrera
Monkey Island Tour - Laguna Catemaco

Private Cruise to Las Margaritas - Laguna Catemaco
Mangroves Cruise - Laguna Sontecomapan
The Dams - Visit the largest reservoirs in Los Tuxtlas
The Corn Trail (brecha del maiz) - the only road into the Sierra Santa Marta
Los Ameles - a nature trail to the fish traps of Catemaco (Spanish)

Horses to waterfalls, Montepio
Pirate Caves of Roca Partida, Playa de las Muñecas
Panga to Arrecifes, along the southern Catemaco coast