Beaches around Los Tuxtlas
The Coast of Catemaco
La Barra - tiny "resort" on the edge of the Gulf and the mouth of the Laguna
Playa Escondida - alleged to be the most beautiful beach on the entire Gulf
Playa Jicacal - a cattle ranch with a gorgeous beach

The Coast of San Andres
Montepio - premier  beach "resort" of Los Tuxtlas
Puerto Balzapote - only port in Los Tuxtlas
Isla Terrón - only substantial island in Los Tuxtlas

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Here you will find some of the finest beaches on the Gulf of Mexico
For an overview of all the beaches see:
Tourism: The Coast of Catemaco
including: Playa Carrizal, Playa El Moreo, La Chorrera, Capulteotl, La Barra, etc.

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Revolución, Playa Hermosa and Punta Puntilla