Except for the hyper touted boat tour to the monkey islands of Laguna Catemaco, and the placid drifting in
the mangroves of Laguna Sontecomapan, there is very little touring available in Catemaco and Los Tuxtlas

If you are Mexican, there are dozens of tour buses hitting Catemaco on the weekends and hundreds more
during holidays from many points in Mexico. Dive tours, ecotourism tours, prayer tours, Eyipantla and
hyped nature tours, etc.

At the English speaking end, there are high priced US birding expeditions, RV herds and not much else.

If you are a little bit adventurous, it is possible to create dozens of opportunities to create your own tour.
Tours & Hikes around Catemaco
Water Taxi to La Barra
Boats leave from the embarcadero in Sontecomapan.
Horse Trail to the Waterfalls
Rent horses in Montepio/ Dos de Abril for a rides up the coast & along the river to 2 waterfalls
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Explore the unexplored South Coast  (actually it's north)
rent a panga (seaworthy boat) in Sontecomapan and see uninhabited beaches, distant volcanoes and a light house
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Monkey Islands of Laguna Catemaco
Boats leave from the embarcadero on the Malecón.
Explore the Pirate Cave at Roca Partida
rent a boat at Toro Prieto or Arroyo de Lisa and see the cliffs and bird island
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Laguna Sontecomapan Mangroves
Tours leave from the embarcadero in Sontecomapan
La Panga Ferry
Take a boat towed one car ferry from La Barra to La Chorrera.
Find a hidden beach and coastal caves near Montepio
rent a boat at Montepio and sail northeast to Balzapote and some hidden caves
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Ride a Pirata
Hop onto the back of a pickup and visit beaches and strange pueblos around Los Tuxtlas.
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take a walk
Estacíon Biologica Tropical Los Tuxtlas jungle trails
They are not too happy to see you, but with a reservation you can walk
their trails.
Commercial Guided Hikes
At present Ecobiosfera offers various guided hikes around Catemaco
Roca Partida
You can bring your rappel gear and lower yourself to a waiting boat.
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La Barra
Barra and hail a water taxi to return to Sontecomapan. Total maybe 5 km. You'll need wading boots, snake bite kit, machete and
take the water taxi to the Los Amigos  mini eco- resort, and then hike around to La Chorrera. There, wait for the ferry to La wire
Climb Cerro Pipiapan
400 steps to nowhere
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Several ecotouristic communities provide guided hikes around their areas.
Most popular are
Miguel Hidalgo and  Adolfo Lopez Mateos for their hill
climbs through the forests of the foothills of the Sierra Santa Marta.
Catemaco Circumference
This was an annual 50 Km (32 miles) hike, usually in July
for more details see:
DEMATAC - Caminata
Long Beach Walk
Have a pirata drop you off at the Playa Escondida turnoff, walk about a mile down to the beach,  then hike about 5 miles to La
Barra, then take a water taxi to Sontecomapan, a pirata back to Catemaco, and then drink lots of cold beers.
other walks
Jicacal to La Barra