Temazcals in Catemaco
A temazcal (also spelled temascal) is a pre-hispanic bath that was popular in Mesoamerican cultures.
Remnants of temazcals have been found at many archaeological sites including Palenque. Traditionally
constructed as mud huts, they can also be formed with tree branches overlaid with skins or blankets.

Use throughout history has been as much therapeutic as ceremonial and its practice survives at the
present time thanks to continuing use by different indigenous communities of Mexico. The name derives
from the Nahuatl language (
Temaz - steam, calli - house) .

When used ceremonially, temazcals allegedly generate introspection and oneness with the spirit world.
Therapeutically, they generate a bunch of sweat.

The trick here is to combine the experience with a Tuxtlas mud bath and a massage.
, just north of Catemaco, on the laguna, a "homemade" slew of sweat lodges and massages,
a few blocks northeast of downtown.
La Finca Resort Hotel & Spa,
while being built, we thought a flying saucer had landed.
just south of Catemaco City
Playa Azul Spa and Condo Hotel
A temazcal in a jungle garden setting.  
northeast of Catemaco
Benito temascalli, Catemaco
past Playa Azul
at present it seems abandoned
the prettiest sweat dome, and also the most public
north shore of Laguna Catemaco
And many more...