Los Tuxtlas have been inhabited for more than 7,000 years and possibly the
first Mesoamerican civilization originated here. Numerous archaeological sites  have been and are
being discovered.

Los Tuxtlas are fortunate to have several museums in this small region. Of course they are not as
magnificent as the museums in Mexico City or Xalapa, but they are worth a visit because they show
the love that local people have for their history.

Unfortunately many of the best quality pieces found in the Tuxtlas have found homes outside the
Museums around Catemaco
Casa de Cultura, San Andres Tuxtla
8 miles from Catemaco,
selection of locally found artifacts
Tres Zapotes Museum and archaeological zone
Santiago Tuxtla
31 miles from Catemaco
Museo Tuxteco, Santiago Tuxtla
17 miles from Catemaco
home of both the largest and smallest Olmec heads ever found
Outdoor Museums
Stone carvings at Tepeyaga, Las Margaritas Archaeological zone, etc.
throughout  Los Tuxtlas
Museo Regional Comunidad Indigena General Emiliano Zapata
Santa Rosa Loma Larga, Hueyapan de Ocampo
about 16 miles south of Catemaco
Regional Museum of San Andres Tuxtla
The newest museum in Los Tuxtlas, opening early 2008
8 miles from Catemaco