More things to do in Catemaco
The GLBT community exists in Catemaco and Los Tuxtlas, and is
fairly obvious.

I am told numerous, known gays occupy municipal government
positions and run substantial enterprises. And of course I have to
add, "one of my better friends is gay". (Oops, he died.)

There is little overt gay or lesbian presence. For a while a popular
club operated near the plaza. At present a few dives on the
carretera cater to primarily gay customers.
Religion is serious business in Catemaco. The primarily catholic

Numerous evangelical churches have made inroads into this
catholic bastion, and hopefully they have all adjusted their
services to start with the church bells.

Aside from attending church in Catemaco, the devout create
niches to their favorite saints, or to Mary, or to Jesus. There are
dozens of these altars on public right of way, aside from the
hundreds visible within houses.

The Southern Baptists still seem to be missing in Catemaco. Aside
from them, I think a worshipper can find most any denomination
and all will welcome you with open arms.
many English language programs and movies.

There is no radio station originating in Catemaco, there are several in nearby San AndrésTuxtla
Radio Alegría - AM 830 XEDQ  
RTV Radio Mas - FM 89.7 XHSTX, Xalapa            ní un radio es online diariamente
La Primerisima - FM 92.7 XHSAV

there are no TV stations originating in Los Tuxtlas
Televisa 2 - Canal 3 XHATV
Televisa 5 - Canal 6 XHAJ
Azteca 13 - Canal 8 XHSTV
Azteca 7 - Canal 10 XHSTE
RTV TV Mas - Canal XHGVS
GBLT - gay , lesbian, bisexual, transsexual
Catemaco draws 10's of thousands of pilgrims to the Basilica and consequently dozens of  tiny gifts shops
litter the Malecon, especially in front of the boat docks and around the basilica. Aside from the usual tourist
junk, you can find:

barro mineral (mud) for facials, pottery or love making,
Liria Aquatica (Water weeds) handicrafts made in Catemaco,
Replica pottery from Nanciyaga,
Chochogo Wine from the hills of Lopez Mateos,
Mineral Water from the springs at Coyame,
Locally made ornaments and charms made from shells and coconuts, etc.,
Religious trinkets, baubles and some wonderful conversation pieces,
Catemaco is not exactly famous for strenuos activities, but it does have
a baseball stadium, numerous soccer fields and basketball courts.

Tequila Lifting - Catemaco
Rappelling - Roca Partida
Kayaking -  Rivers, Lagunas

Biking - anywhere - but stay off the carretera
Running - 50K around Laguna Catemaco (bring a machete!)

Snorkeling - best around Playa Hermosa, Salinas
Diving - off Roca Partida

Horseback Riding - Montepio
Sailing - El Huerto Club de Vela, Catemaco, (only if you are a rich junior)
radio and TV
The daughter of the former owner of the best handicrafts store in
southern Veracruz,
La Casa de los Tesoros, reopened her
parent´s dream after 20 years, below the basilica, in an upstairs
locale with a grand view of the plaza, and now includes a limited
bistro menu featuring great wines, desserts and Japanese  tea.
Despite monthly buying trips to Oaxaca and other trinket centers, she
now has a hard time keeping her shelves full.

The Fractal store, on the Malecon near the Brujo Hotel now offers
a fine selection of articles hand crafted in Catemaco and Los Tuxtlas,
stocks the most extensive library of Los Tuxtlas books anywhere,
and serves great coffee grown in Los Tuxtlas.
For grocery and after hour shopping see: - emergencies