La Panga Ferry
La Barra, Laguna Sontecomapan, Catemaco
"No way" howled the dog
floating one car dock towed by a boat from the village of La Barra to La Chorrera.

This dilapidated contraption of plastic drums, lumber planks and stainless steel casings is
the only regularly accessible route to the southern coast and qualifies as a true adventure

The ferry, called "
panga" in Spanish, costs 200 pesos round trip per car (2009).

From La Chorrera, a dirt road leads to the turtle sanctuary of Capulteotl, (2 miles), and then
continues to the town of Arrecifes to connect with a maintained dirt highway inland of the
coast to the towns of the southern Sierra de Los Tuxtlas.

Just past La Palma, a marked highway branches to El Real and La Barra. The first mile is paved, the next 4 miles, are a
potholed dirt road. Total about 22 miles
, 1 hour.