Peña Hermosa is one of many idyllic beaches in the Santa Marta section of Los Tuxtlas and one of the few with touristic

Located  on the Gulf of Mexico, in front of the nearby Volcano San Martin Pajapan, the small village of Peña Hermosa
(population less than 100) several years ago initiated a sea turtle conservation effort.

The beaches surrounding the isolated community are famous as a nesting ground for critically endangered hawksbill turtles
and the Mexican government has sensibly supported both rescue and hatchery efforts.
The area has also been favored in the current craze of
ecotourism and a large compound featuring private rooms,
cabañas and a communal kitchen are now open to the public,
though primarily enjoyed by groups arriving on ecological or
religious outings.

Access is difficult via a terraceria (dirt road) from near Pajapan
or from a worse road, further north of Tatahuicapan. Infrequent
communal taxis (piratas) are available for car less travelers.

A small campground with facilities on the edge of Rio are also
available, and the lonely beaches are  heaven for beachcombers
Peña Hermosa
Tatahuicapan de Juarez, Veracruz