The Parque Ecologico Cerro El Venado (Deer Hill Park) opened in October 2009 on a 23 or 18 hectare reserve northeast of
San Andres Tuxtla at a cost of 9 million pesos. Peaking at between 550 or 650 meters altitude, on a clear day the park offers
amazing views of the city of San Andres, Laguna Encantada  and the surrounding volcanoes.

Before opening, the hill was reforested with thousands of trees, and still in the planning stages are touristic cabañas, a
restaurant and the release of white tail deer within electric fences.

The current features are approximately 500 difficult steps, and a 4 million peso flag pole at the summit.

Public bathrooms are a few steps above the entrance, and a lookout platform is about half way up the hill. Two animal cages
are nearby, and a small covered hut on top provides some. Entrance is 5 pesos.

Advise: Not suitable for any handicaps, steps and walks are treacherous, especially after rain. No refreshments are
available, neither on the bottom nor on top. An access road suitable only to 4x4's leads directly to the top of the hill. (2009)
When we visited, it was a beautiful sunny day, but as is usual 80% of the year, long distance views were encumbered by haze.
A caged raccoon and the future vision of enclosed white tail deer did not compete with numerous falcons, eagles and vultures
soaring in the valleys surrounding hills.
On San Andres to Ruiz Cortines highway, off Mex 180. App. 2 miles. Entrance to the highway from San Andres is almost unmarked,
located at east end of city, before the downhill run to Catemaco.
From Catemaco, easiest access is via Sihuapan on a recently paved road, total about 7 miles.
An access road leads directly to the summit, but is only suitable for 4x4's
The top