The road leaves central San Andrés Tuxtla, then passes by Laguna Encantada, with a very quick glimpse of both Laguna
Encantada and Laguna Catemaco framed in the distance. It then serpentinely climbs to a lookout point, equipped with the usual
cross and a broad panorama of the northern San Andres plains. Thereafter the road enters the Biosphere nucleus tunneling
through remnant jungle and begins a downhill run to enter Ruiz Cortines.
2006, revised 2009.
All roads south of San Martin Tuxtla Volcano lead to the village of Adolfo Ruiz Cortines. This future "major" transportation hub
southeast of the volcano has recently been graced by the completion of a paved highway from San Andrés Tuxtla, after
considerable ecological opposition because of its passage through part of the nucleus of the Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve.

The drive there presents some magnificent views and a cross decorated lookout. In late spring the entire a road is a cornucopia of
wild flowers. Once the road turns to cobble stones you know you have entered the nucleus of the volcano biosphere.
“Los Clarines” has sprung up to protect and preserve the area songbirds and environment. The village has now joined the
ecotourism boom with the completion of its first ecohut.

Several guided excursions are possible from the village. One trails uphill to a pretty area of nacimientos (springs), another trails to a
bat cave featuring both fruit and vampire bats, and an all day trip runs to Volcano San Martin Tuxtla, including a hour ride, and a
four hour climb, each way.
The ejido was last founded in 1974, after two previous settlements ended in blood feuds. Its originating folks are from San
Andrés Tuxtla, who now struggle to survive on mostly volcanic soils among excessive rain and frequent high winds. The village
nutty flavored gourd), are still one of the better known vegetables grown here.

From Ruiz Cortines, three dirt roads branch in 3 directions.
One, via Benito Juarez and Cuauthemoc, returns to Catemaco, passing Cerro Mono Blanco.
Another leads to Perla de San Martin where the road splits. One runs down hill via Gustavo Diaz and Mario Souza to Dos Amates
and then onward to Montepio or Catemaco. The other leads via a multiple cattle gated trail towards El Diamante and further
The third roads leaves Ruiz Cortines and enters a bit of remaining cloud forest before breaking out into cattle ranches and joining
the road from Perla on its way to La Nueva Victoria, via minor hamlets such as another Benito Juarez and El Diamante.

All three or 4 roads are wonderful scenic drives, but recommendable only to high lift vehicles, preferably 4×4 in the rains.
Grupo de ecoturismo "Los Clarines"
(294) 100 5035
(294) 100 4055
Cerro Venado - near de Ruiz
Montañismo -
Cuevas de Ruiz Cortines (Spanish)

Ecotourism in Los Tuxtlas
A paved highway runs from Catemaco to Sihuapan (before San Andrés Tuxtla) and then to Ruiz Cortines.
About 22 kilometers (40 minutes).

Pirata Taxis are available from downtown San Andrés.
A dirt road also leads from northern Catemaco to the village, bus is recommendable only to SUV´s or high lift vehicles.