So we returned to the pueblo, having to carry my dog because
she refused to leave, and found the eco lodge, parked our
horses and awaited our scrumptious dinner. We had forgotten
the birthday cake for one of our companions and had to send a
"lancha" through the heavy swell to recover it.

We all drooled over the wonderful meal prepared by those
proficient cooks of the Las Margaritas ecotourism enclave,
enjoyed seeing some of the archaeological finds of the locals,
sang "Las Mañanitas" to our birthday companion and decided to
return home.

The waves in the laguna were just too rough to do a night time
search for crocodiles.

Note: The boat we rented has left Catemaco.
It is not only monkey behinds you can visit on Laguna Catemaco. You can create your own adventure if you can
share the cost with some friends.

We left Catemaco on a beautiful sunny morning, intent on visiting some petroglyphs and crocodiles around Las
Margaritas and ride horse back to the unexcavated ruins at the Rancho Chinal. Then some waves started kicking.

Upon arriving at the Tepeyaga peninsula our on boat guide informed us the most popular stone glyph was
submerged and the others were not really worthwhile to dunk into the churning waters to explore.

So we headed around the point, which also is alleged to have some stone carvings, and entered the Rio Margaritas.
At its entrance, our lancheros awaited us, transferred us to their row boats, and moved us up the Rio
Margarita shore to meet our horses.

Unfortunately there were not enough horses for us all, but never mind, each horse was accompanied by its owner
on foot. So, those on foot, arrived at the unexcavated ruins of Chinal  before us, after happily twisting their ankles
and catching

The scenery was absolutely gorgeous, even the horses enjoyed the wonderful grass.

The "ruins" turned out to be a lot less wonderful but still worth  the venture. If it had not been for our pedestrian
companions we would have loved to proceed into the high lands beyond the "ruins".
Private Cruise to Las Margaritas
Laguna Catemaco, Veracruz