Poza Reyna
Catemaco, Veracruz
Velo de Novia (Bride's vail waterfall)
Take the Catemaco to Sontecomapan highway, exit at the Coyame turnoff (3 miles) continue to Tebanca where
paved road ends. A few miles further, exit left into the Rio Cuetzalapan valley, then uphill about 5 miles.  When the valley
narrows, and pepper trees appear, watch for building and a gate on the right.
Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, plus holidays.
Entry 35 pesos. (Technically you should also be wearing a 20 peso Biosphere bracelet)
Laguna Catemaco in the foothills of the Sierra Santa. Poza Reina  means "the queen's swimming hole". I understand the
owner of the property prefers Poza Reyna, which could be a relative's name.

Most visitors only see the lower part of the complex. But if you climb the boulders at the end of the first pool, a rock strewn
trail leads to the Velo de Novia waterfal which forms another deep and enormous swimming hole. The concrete steps on the
side of the pool lead up to a private ranch, and with the owners permission you can continue uphill to see more of the river
and work your way to Cola de Caballo and the village of Miguel Hidalgo.

The trail running along the cascades is haphazard and dangerous to anyone not fleet of foot. But whatever effort it takes, is
worthwhile. The views are absolutely magnificent, the waters run cool and clear, and if you do not wear a bathing suit you
will be sorry.
The Rio Cuetzalapan Valley
Ejido Miguel Hidalgo - El Apompal ecotourism
Poza Reyna -  waterfall and swimming holes
Poza Azul - a hanging bridge and swimming holes
Rancho Flores - a very basic ecotouristic ranch

Los Tuxtlas  Waterfalls
Catemaco Attractions - in the hills
Catemaco Pueblos - in the hills
property. Thus a rich landowner from nearby San Andrés has the right to charge 35 pesos to cross a few hundred feet of
land and park next to a single plastic latrine.

Camping and group outings have been sponsored at the place. Facilities, though, are extremely limited.