Horsetail Falls (Salto de Cola de Caballo) is a picture perfect 40 meter (130ft) waterfall near the village of Miguel Hidalgo
in the foothills of the Sierra Santa Marta, 17 road miles northeast of Catemaco, Veracruz.

The fall has excavated a large deep pool at is base which has become a favorite weekend swimming holes for both
locals and international eco-tourists.

The jungle surrounding the fall feature the
Chocho Palms, both a delicacy and a devil´s gift. The plant is a living spine,
including bark and fruit! Be very careful about what you hold onto.

Waters from the fall join the Rio Cuetzalapan, Catemaco's largest river. There are no facilities,  so must carry in and carry
out or bury your disposables.

Access is a little difficult but worth it especially because the area features several other cascades and  ecotourism
facilities. (See links)
This was the day when most of us learned to fly.
Some of us joined the boys from Casa Hogar Orphanage  in Catemaco for a picnic and a swim at the waterfall.
view from above
chocho palm spines
Leave Catemaco to the north towards the beaches, turn right towards Coyame and continue to Tebanca, where the
paved road ends. A few miles further, exit left into the Rio Cuetzalapan valley, then uphill about 5 miles. App. 17 miles
(1 hour) from Catemaco.

There are several ways to enter the falls:
1. from the village of Miguel Hidalgo, accompanied by a hired guide (cost is negotiable, figure 100 pesos). The trail
becomes a very steep decline, not suitable for any handicap.
2. About 1 mile above Poza Reyna, un unmarked gate leads into a dirt road with 5 gates to the Rio Cuetzalapan. From
there a trail leads a few hundred feet uphill to the
Cola. An enterprising land owner on the way may ask you for a
contribution to cross some gates.
3. another gate a little above No 2, opens a foot trail to the waterfall via a private ranch. There may be a fee.

Note: avoid the road past Tebanca after heavy rains. App. 17 miles (1 hour) from Catemaco.
(Technically, you should also be wearing a 20 peso Biosphere bracelet)
Poza Reyna -  waterfall and swimming holes
Poza Azul - a hanging bridge and swimming holes
Rancho Flores - a very basic ecotouristic ranch

Los Tuxtlas  Waterfalls
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